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New Origin Sooncho All-in-One Lotion 300ml

Type: Moisturizer

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New Origin SoonchoAll-in-One Lotion 300ml


It touches the skin, but you still don't think about it?


The moment you need no-allergen cosmetics!

40 ingredients suspected of causing allergies
13 potential endocrine disruptors

*I recommend it to these people!

# Oily skin on the outside, dry on the inside

#Smart mom
Those looking for clean beauty that is safe for both you and your child

#Those who want fast moisturizing from face to toe

If you have any skin concerns, pay attention!

1. Oily on the outside, dry on the inside

2. Even if I apply a mild product, I become sensitive.

3. If I have a lot of oil, I will have trouble soon.

4. It's annoying to apply separately for face and body.

Reinforces the physical strength of the fallen skin barrier with Botanic Cera Complex
Synergistic effect of milder plant-derived ceramide and glycolipids that help boost the skin barrier with Moringa oil

3-STEP skin barrier protective film
DML Technology
(Derma + Moisture + Lock)
Natural derma technology that keeps moisture and moisture in the skin barrier for a long time by holding and evaporating blocking coating with plant-derived ingredients piled up one by one

Moisturizing and calming shield of patented olive leaf extract
Olive leaf containing polyphenol, a plant defense substance, comfortably protects and improves irritated tender skin

Transparently without stickiness
01. After washing your face or taking a bath, take an appropriate amount on your hands.
02. Gently massage and apply on dry areas

Confident technology!

Botanic Cera Complex
Botanical + Ceramide

Increase skin barrier strength,
Moisture distribution is even,
Long-lasting moisturizing effect!

DML Technology
Derma + Moisture + Lock

Plant-derived ingredients build up on the skin one by one to keep moisture and moisture in the skin barrier for a long time!

Holds moisture deep into the skin
Blocks the evaporation of moisture between skin gaps
Moisture coating on the skin surface

Yuhan Natural Products Research Institute’s natural derma technology

3-STEP Main Ingredients
STEP 01. Plant-derived glycerin
STEP 02. Plant-derived squalane
STEP 03. Plant-derived jojoba ester

Improved 120-hour moisturizing durability
Must be used from the age of 0, irritation level 0.005 hypoallergenic lotion

All Ingredients, EWG Green Grade

 We are also confident of the hidden ingredients!
How mild is it to use it from the age of 0?
Even hidden ingredients that do not appear on the back of cosmetics have been verified!

-40 None
Suspected Allergy
U.S. FDA & Domestic Allergy Society standards

-13 None
Endocrine Disruptor Possible Ingredients
European Union (EU) designation

- Verification completed
Reproductive toxicant
Genetically modified material 


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