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MERYTHOD 4in1 Multi Brush Set

Type: Brushes

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MERYTHOD 4in1 Multi Brush Set


4in1 Multi Brush Set



4in1  Brush

All-purpose brush for full makeup

From skin expression to contour and color tone, it can be perfectly expressed.

 4 brushes in one bottle!

It is composed of brushes that are essential for daily makeup.

Multi powder brush: shading, powder, blush, etc.
Mini round brush: eyeliner, lip, eyeshadow, concealer, etc.
Blending brush: shading eye shadow, nose shading, etc.
Smudge Brush: Ice Merge, Under Shadow, etc.


With extended length
Hair elasticity control


Fits in your pouch!
Easy to carry

Has a transparent cover
Neat storage

With a size that is convenient to carry, you can make beautiful correction makeup anywhere.




Premium Fur

Excellent color development without clumping or dusting


 Premium brush with good touch

 With abundant fur , you can use it without worrying about fur loss.

 It is a brush designed precisely so that cosmetics can adhere well to the face.

Multi powder brush
#Thick fur, #Round cut

Blending brush
#Flat fur #Round type cutting

Smudge brush
#Circular fur #bullet shape

Mini round brush
#Flat fur #slot cutting





It is not damaged even after washing, and it can be used while maintaining soft fur.

Use a special cleanser or cleansing foam to lather and gently wash the fur so as not to damage the hair.



 How to use
* Multi powder brush
Step 01 Apply an appropriate amount of blush to the product.
Step 02 Gently tap the product on the cheek and sweep it down.

*Blending brush
Step 01 Apply an appropriate amount of base shadow to the product.
Step 02 Blend gently on the eye hole.

* Smudge brush
Step 01 Apply color shadow for gradation to the product.
Step 02 Lay down the fur and sweep over the eyes

* Mini round brush
Step 01 Apply gel liner or dark shadow to the product.
Step 02 Draw a line naturally along the eye line


 How to wash

Step 01 Soak the product in lukewarm water
Step 02 Wash the product by kneading it using a cleansing product or special cleaning solution.
Step 03 Rinse thoroughly under running water and squeeze out the water along the grain direction.
Step 04 Lay it down on a dry towel or dry it upside down at room temperature out of sunlight every month.



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