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SEO ContentAre you looking for a shampoo, conditioner and treatment to reduce your hair loss? Medicube Soycidil Shampoo 490ml is the perfect solution for you. This hair loss relief functional product is formulated with SoyAct, a patented ingredient for strengthening the hair root, found in Glycine soja. This hypoallergenic shampoo has been tested with excellent results, with 98.9% product satisfaction and a 71.5% reduction in hair loss after 7 days of use. Additionally, this shampoo also provides scalp sebum improvement, scalp dead skin improvement, calming scalp, dust matrix cleaning and hair tensile strength improvement. In combination with the 2-in-1 Treatment, you can be sure to get the best hair loss care with Medicube Soycidil. Try Medicube Soycidil today and reduce your hair loss.

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Medicube's No. 1 Hair Loss Shampoo Soycidil to enrich poor hair

Medicube's No.1 Hair Loss Shampoo Solxidill

#1 hair loss reduction
1st satisfaction with hair loss shampoo
#1 repurchase rate
#1 Review Satisfaction

Medicube, 71.5% reduction in hair loss

Amazing effect of Medicube Soyxidil

Medicube Soycidyl Hair Loss Shampoo REAL REVIEW

There is definitely less hair fall before and after using it. When I used it with the treatment, my hair became soft.

The strong germination of stone beans,
Clear hair root strengthening effect
*SOYACT® is the main ingredient for hair loss and a patented raw material for strengthening hair roots.

Soyact, a patented hair root strengthening ingredient, takes care of the essential hair loss problem of hair loss.

Certain hair loss functional shampoo selected by meticulous Glowpick users

Product Satisfaction
Hair loss reduced by 71.5% Product very satisfied evaluation

stimulation satisfaction
Hypoallergenic daily hair loss functional shampoo

Ingredient Satisfaction
The power of germination of stone bean, clear hair root strengthening effect

Q. Medicube Soycidil. How was it when you tried it?

Glowpick 01
Satisfaction with hair root health
The volume of the top of the head came back to life because the roots of my hair were strengthened without being sticky!

Glowpick 02
Scalp soothing satisfaction
Foams well and the scalp is refreshed!
I am very satisfied with the fragrance without the stiffness!!!!


Glowpick 03
Reduce hair loss
My hair is really falling out. I want to use it longer.

Medicube Soyxidil Shampoo
Hair loss shampoo that can be felt after 7 days of use
Application of SOYACT®, a patented ingredient for strengthening hair roots
*SOYACT is the main ingredient for hair loss and a patented raw material for strengthening hair roots.

Hypoallergenic human body application test
*Korea's first hair loss shampoo
Hair loss relief functional product with SOYACT applied for the first time in Korea
Hair Loss Relief Functional Ingredient

Searching for a functional ingredient for reducing hair loss with SOYACT®
35% reduction in hair loss after 7 days of use

Studying the scalp where hair falls out
The hair growth cycle repeats 10-15 times in a lifetime, and the shorter the growth cycle, the faster hair loss approaches.

Hair falling out every day
The cause is weakened hair roots due to the deterioration of the scalp environment. Patented ingredient for strengthening hair roots * Applying Soyact

Hair loss shampoo
Shampoo that really reduces hair loss after just 7 days of use

It is effective for seborrheic scalp and trouble worries!

Seborrheic scalp limited to those with intermittent secretion
Troubles such as dryness, dead skin cells, excessive sebum

Intensive care for hair loss symptoms
The Medicube Soycidil line is the first hair loss relief functional product to which SoyAct was applied.

Formulated with SoyAct, Medicube Soyxidil Shampoo helps to alleviate hair loss symptoms

SoyAct®, Korea's first hair loss mitigating functional ingredient found in Dolkong
SoyAct®, the first functional ingredient to alleviate hair loss in Korea, found in Glycine soja

Medicube, the first in Korea to find a functional ingredient that definitely improves hair loss.
Contains 2% of SoyAct®, a patented ingredient for strengthening the hair root, consisting of isoflavone, an active ingredient of Dolbean embryo

Medicube Soycidyl line is the first hair loss relief functional product to which SoyAct® was applied.

*Hair loss functional report contents
Functional shampoo for mitigating hair loss with Dolbean embryo extract as an active ingredient
*Patent application contents
Composition for strengthening hair roots and alleviating hair loss containing soybean germ extract

Formulated with SoyAct Medicube Soyxidil Shampoo helps to alleviate hair loss symptoms

Formulated with SoyAct, Medicube Soykid Shampoo helps to alleviate hair loss symptoms

Hair cycle total care
hair loss functional shampoo
Effective hair loss care is key to cycle improvement
The key is to create an environment where hair can grow well during the growth period, and to focus on strengthening the hair root and hair during the resting period and catagen period.

Hair Cycle Total Care
Hair cycle total care, customized care solution for growth, telogen, and catagen cycle conditions

*Growth phase: an important step for healthy hair
*Regression: A stage in which growth stops and rests
*Temporary phase: The stage in which hair prepares for shedding

Containing key ingredients for customized care solutions
Soyxidil Key Ingredients

*Growth 85%
Scalp sebum (oil) improvement
Scalp dead skin improvement
scalp soothing
fine dust cleaning

Miracle Mineral
*Regression 1%
*rest period 14%
Reduced number of hair falling out
Scalp elasticity improvement
Improvement of hair tensile strength
Root volume improvement
hair shine improvement

Scalp environment improvement confirmed through actual human application test
Improvement of Scalp environment

Growth period *85%
Regression period *1%
Rest period *14%

Fine dust matrix cleaning (immediately after one use)
Scalp sebum (oil) improvement (after 1 week of use)
Scalp dead skin improvement (after 1 week of use)
Soothing irritated scalp (after 1 week of use)

Improvement of hair and hair roots confirmed through actual human application tests
Hair and Hair Root Improvement

Growing up 85%
Regression period *1%
Rest period *14%

Helps reduce the number of hair falling out
(After 1 week of use)
(After 6 weeks of use)
Helps improve scalp elasticity (after 1 week of use)
Helps improve hair tensile strength (after 1 week of use)
Helps improve root volume (after 1 week of use)
Helps improve hair gloss (after 1 week of use)

Mild Micro Bubble
Rich bubble power with mild micro bubbles

The combination of large and rich bubbles and micro-fine bubbles gives you a clear sense of refreshment.

Worried about hair loss, now you have to check the scent carefully.
Soft and cozy cotton scent with hypoallergenicity so that sensitive scalp can also use it
Non-detection of 26 allergens notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Through the testing agency OATC, it was confirmed that 26 allergens were not detected among the cosmetic fragrances notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Excerpt from Medicube Soacidil Shampoo Test Report

*Amylcinnamal, benzyl alcohol, cinnamic alcohol, citral, eugenol, hydroxy citronellal, isoyu genol, amyl cinnamyl alcohol, benzyl salicylate, cinnamal, anise alcohol, benzyl cinnamate, farnesol , butylphenylmethylpropional, linalool, benzylbenzoate, citronellol, hexylcinnamal, limonene, methyl 2-moctinoate, ilpa-isomethingionone, chloroathanol, aranol, hydroxyisohexyl 3-Hexcyclohexenecarbosaldehyde, Geraniol, Coumarin

Gentle enough for sensitive scalp to use every day

Completed hypoallergenic human body application test
Medicube Soycidyl Shampoo is judged to be non-irritating as a result of the human body application test.
Somicidil shampoo human application test report excerpt

Soicidyl Routine, the core hair loss care that Medicube confidently suggests

Step 01
Soycidyl Shampoo
Highly concentrated cream shampoo formula

Step 02
Soicidil 2-in-1 Treatment
Ampoule-to-cream formulation that turns into cream upon contact with water


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