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Manbok's Rice Cake Shop

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* Manbok's Rice Cake Shop 

A mysterious rice cake shop that changed Manbok, a curmudgeon, a grump, and a brawler!
The warm growth story of the grumpy Manbok, 『Manbok's Rice Cake Shop』. It is a fairy tale corresponding to the 'reading level 3' that guides reading and writing in our creative fairy tale series 「I like reading books」. It depicts the changes that Man-bok, who has a habit of saying and doing bad things, goes through when he meets a mysterious rice cake shop. Man-bok, whose bad words and actions come out contrary to his heart, finds a mysterious rice cake shop on his way home one day. A strange price tag that says you have to do two good things to eat Baramdduk. Man-bok begins to do good things without being able to eat rice cakes... .
As you eat the rice cakes one by one, the process of Manbok gradually changing unfolds as soft and warm as delicious rice cakes. The writings of Kim Ri-ri, a fairy tale writer who draws children's daily lives with wit and rich imagination, and Lee Seung-hyun, who won the Korea Children's Book Award in the illustration category, harmonize well. Manbok's expressions and changes were abundantly captured.

* Publisher book review
The cursing man, the grumpy man, the brawler Manbok
A warm and sweet story of growing up after meeting a mysterious rice cake shop

The new "Manbok's Rice Cake House" by Kim Li-ri, a fairy tale writer who unravels children's daily lives with wit and rich imagination, has been published in Biryongso. This fairy tale contains the warm and joyful changes that Man-bok, who grew up in a good family but unknowingly spits out bad words and actions, meets a mysterious rice cake shop. Kim Ri-ri has already shown her talent for expressing 'familiar troubles' in a 'fresh' way by combining children's daily lives with fantasy through 『Pit Poop Gift』 and 『Toad Living in the Toilet』. 『Manbok’s Rice Cake Shop』 also expresses the process of gradually changing Manbok, a cursing person, a grumpy person, and a fighter, by eating magical rice cakes one by one. By adding fantasy elements to Korea's traditional food, rice cake, you can feel the unique fun and chewy taste of reading a traditional fairy tale. In addition, Lee Seung-hyun, who won an award in the illustration category at the Korea Children's Book Awards for "Ssireum", enriched Manbok's facial expressions and changes with his unique paintings.

Manbok's amazing transformation with a combination of fantasy and chewy writing as if reading a traditional fairy tale

“When you eat glutinous rice cake, your mouth sticks to it,
If you eat honey rice cake, sweet words come out easily?”
Contrary to his own mind, Man-bok always has bad words and actions. Of course, schoolmates tend to avoid Manbok like that. Then one day, Man-bok finds a strange rice cake shop on his way home. It is ‘Manbok’s Rice Cake House’. Man-bok is fascinated by the same name as himself and is drawn to the sweet and savory smell of the rice cake shop. But each rice cake has a strange price tag attached to it! To eat wind rice cake, you need to do two good deeds, and to eat mugwort rice cake, you need forty-two children's laughter. Man-bok, who has never done anything good, must have no owner anyway. He sneakily picks up the rice cake, but, well, the rice cake disappears before his eyes.
Manbok begins to do countless good things to eat rice cake. After eating the glutinous rice cake, Manbok stopped saying bad things, and when he silently helped his friends and did two good things, he was able to eat wind rice cakes that made him laugh. Like this, the magical power gained from eating rice cakes becomes a catalyst for Man-bok to do another good deed. Also, the important thing is that what makes that change is, in the end, Manbok's own will. Although he starts to do good deeds out of the desire to pay for the rice cake and eat the rice cake he wants to eat, in fact, the rice cake is just an excuse. Man-bok is upset by his words and actions that come out differently from his innermost heart, and in the end, he shows how he makes a soft and warm change on his own like rice cakes step by step.

Delicate lines and colors that smell like rice cakes

Man-bok, who acts ugly against his heart, gradually changes into a positive image, which is humorously and uniquely portrayed. A warm and friendly color was used, and a fantasy feeling was added to the background to bring out the changes and emotions that Manbok reveals each time he eats a rice cake. Manbok's expression changes depending on the situation, and a smile naturally springs up.

* Date of issue : 03/09/2022
* Page : 52
* Size : 156*222*10mm
* Hardcover




Manbok's Rice Cake Shop

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