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Mamonde Vitamin Panthenol 10 Cream 60ml

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Type: Moisturizer


Deep dryness that deepens no matter how much you apply  
Skin irritation that I want to protect but increase  

100 hours of moisturizing iron wall defense!  
Strengthen the broken skin barrier!  

10% high content panthenol x vitamin formula for 100 hours of moisturizing lasting  

Vitamin Panthenol 10 Cream  

#10% high content panthenol  
#100 hour moisturizing power  
#Drying cream  
#External stimulus soothing  
#Strengthen skin barrier  

Skin troubles: chronic dryness, quick dryness, sensitive skin*  
Solution: Hypoallergenic intensive moisturizing, barrier improvement, soothing care  
Ingredients: Panthenol 10%, Vitamin Complex  

* Temporarily sensitive skin to external stimuli  

Skin troubles
Intensive moisturizing and soothing care

Vitamin Complex*
vital skin background
relieve skin stress

10% high panthenol
Healthy barrier care by replenishing moisture inside the skin

Why We Made
Sensitive skin due to dryness
When you need the strength of a healthy skin barrier

Panthenol is a good ingredient, you know?
A skin health cream that anyone can use without burden by adding vitamins to 10% high content panthenol!

With Mamonde's unique formulation of ingredients, it quickly soothes irritated and sensitive skin and improves the damaged skin barrier.

10% high panthenol
Highly moisturizing, barrier strengthening

Vitamin Complex*
Antioxidant, vitality moisturizing

*Vitamin B3, C (derivative), E.P

How It Works
Stabilized high-capacity panthenol and essential vitamins that take care of the skin's fundamentals

Point 1
Panthenol 10% (100,000 ppm) high content
Deep and deep soothing moisturizing & damage barrier improvement effect

The moisturizing vitamin and panthenol ingredients applied to the skin care for various skin concerns caused by dry and sensitive skin.

Point 2
Basic care for healthy skin by adding vitamins to panthenol

Vitamin complex that breathes healthy vitality into the skin

Vitamin B3 (niacin)
Antioxidant, vitality

Vitamin E (tocopherol)


Vitamin P (Glucosylhesperidine.)
Soothing skin stress

Bitter Orange Flower Extract

Point 3
# A moist moisturizing film that wraps around the outside, fresh on the outside and moist on the inside
DAY & NIGHT for comfortable use at any time

Hydro Panthenol 10 Matrix technology provides a soft feeling of use that is freshly absorbed without stickiness.

Hydropanthenol 10 Matrix Technology

Hydropanthenol 10 Matrix Technology?

High content stabilization technology of Panthenol, which is difficult to prescribe a large amount due to its characteristic stickiness
Although it contains 10% high content, it is not sticky and has a feeling of flexibility and high moisture so that it can be absorbed well, and the design of a networking matrix that is not sticky until a soft and soft rolling feeling is absorbed

Reasons To Believe
Just try it once and you'll know

Human application test completed
100% health moisturizing cream with user satisfaction directly felt by the skin

It feels like the skin is filled with moisture from the inside out. 100%
It seems to provide instant moisture to dry skin. 100%
Overall skin dryness seems to be improved 100%

Institution: PNK Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Period: 2021. 06. 07 ~ 2021. 06. 11.
Target: 21 women aged 25-35 years

Satisfaction survey results after 72 hours of use

Test1 Moisture lasting power

A skin barrier that does not dry out for a long time with rich moisture.

Powerful moisturizing lasting for 100 hours

120% immediately after use
68% after 72 hours
51% after 100 hours

Institution: PNK Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Period: 2021. 06. 07.-2021. 06.11.
Target: 21 women aged 25-35 years

Test 2 Skin soothing and damage barrier improvement

Immediate skin soothing and improvement of damaged skin barrier
The power of a healthy moisturizing cream you can feel with just one use

Skin soothing
Immediately after use: 2.15 times before use

Institution: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Period: 2021. 06.07-2021.06.11
Target: 21 women aged 25-35 years

*Temporary effect improved with one use

Improve skin barrier**
Immediately after use: 1.38 times before use

Institution: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Period: 2021. 06.07-2021.06.11
Target: 21 women aged 25-35 years

**Temporary effect improved with one use

Test 3 Antioxidant Power + Moisturizing Power

Moisturizing power that clears and replenishes with antioxidant power
Antioxidant Efficacy of Mamonde Vitamin Panthenol 10% Cream (DPPH Test Method)

Check the antioxidant effect!

[ Mamonde Vitapanthenol 10 Cream (%)]
※Source: Cell Efficacy Report NCS-SD- 21-AGO-0036-E01-D Mamonde Vitamin Panthenol 10% Cream_ Product Antioxidant

Feel free to use it anytime, anywhere.
It is a mild formula that does not contain unnecessary ingredients for the skin and can be used without burden on the skin.

Dermatological test completed
Hypo allergy test completed
Sensitive skin primary stimulation test completed

Mineral oil free
Free of animal ingredients
Flyacrylamide FREE
Imidazolidinyl urea free
Triethanolamine FREE
Synthetic dye free
PEG Surfactant FREE
Artificial fragrance free

100 hours of moisturizing iron wall defense
The power of a healthy skin barrier that changes every day

All-day intensive moisturizing care with reliable efficacy and comfortable feeling
Meet the moist moisturizing film texture that wraps you up in a cozy way.

How To Use

In the morning and evening, at the cream application stage, take an appropriate amount and gently spread over the entire face along the skin texture.

Tips for use
On days when your skin is exceptionally dry and sensitive, use it as a highly moisturizing sleeping pack.
In addition to the face, it is also good to apply it on areas that need soothing and moisturizing skin.

I recommend this to anyone.
Those who are sensitive and sensitive to frequent external stimuli
Those suffering from chronic dryness who are not satisfied with any moisturizing cream
Those whose skin suddenly becomes rough and inverted
Those who need high moisture without stickiness
Those who are looking for a mild product for the skin
Those who want to quickly soothe tired and sensitive skin


Purified water, propanediol, panthenol (100,000 ppm), squalane, methyl trimethicone, niacinamide (18.000 ppm). Cetearyl alcohol, 1.2-lexanediol, diisostearyl malate, polyglyceryl-10 stearate, hydroxyethyl acrylate thiiso, etc. Acryloyl dimile taurate copolymer, carbomer, polymethyl Silsesquioxane, troethamine, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl glucoside, hydrogenatedresidin, caprylyl glycol, stearic acid, polyglyceryl-30% tylglucose dastearate , Dalmitic Maced, Disodium ED ES A adelexyl glycerin, tocopherol (300ppm), sorbidan isostearate, danhyang oil, butylene glycol, ethylascobyl edel (100ppm), glucosylhesperidan (100piom), panthylene glycol, glucose, myristic acid, bitter orange flower extract (11ppm), lauric acid


Mamonde Vitamin Panthenol 10 Cream 60ml

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