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Mamonde FLOWER AMPOULE MASK 23ml 10pcs

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Type: Masks & Treatments


A whole bottle of ampoule is placed in one sheet.
Mamonde Flower Ampoule Mask Pack


마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩

 Centella asiatica 70% sheet

Even the surface that touches the skin meticulously!
Replenish moisture from the inside to the outside!

#Ampoule mask pack #Soothing mask pack #Moisture mask pack

Made with Mamonde's core ingredients and 10 types of hyaluronic acid
Responsible for moisturizing from the inside to the outside,
With 70% Centella asiatica sheet, it takes care of the surface that touches the skin.
Flower Ampoule Mask Pack

Exploring ingredients for flower ampoule mask pack

Centella asiatica fiber 70%
Centella sheet containing Centella asiatica evenly spreads over the skin.
It adheres closely and helps the essence to be absorbed comfortably.

In the era of skin soothing, soothing is a must, not an option!
Carefully up to the surface that touches the skin

Centella sheet is made of Centella asiatica fiber through wet spinning.
70% of the produced Centella asiatica fiber and
It is made by mixing 30% lyocell.

Centello sheet with smooth and long yarn structure
The essence is evenly applied to the skin and easily adheres to the skin.
Helps absorb comfortably.

10 types of hyaluronic acid
Low-molecular + high-molecular hyaluronic acid complex formulation
It fills with moisture from the inside to the outside.

Combination of low molecular weight + high molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Moisturize the skin from the inside to the outside!

When hyaluronic acid is insufficient, moisture in the skin decreases.
Collagen and elastin support weakens.
It causes skin dryness and loss of elasticity.

The Flower Ampoule Mask Pack is a low molecular + high molecular complex combination.
Replenish moisture between skin with 10 types of hyaluronic acid,
It keeps the skin moist and elastic.

Floral Biotics™*
Mamonde's core ingredients strengthen the skin's moisture barrier
It makes for healthy skin.

With Mamonde's key ingredient, Floral Biotics™*
Complete healthy and vibrant skin!

Mamonde, who has been studying flowers for over 30 years
Found in flowers with moisturizing/barrier strengthening/soothing effects
Lactobacillus fermented (postbiotics) was created.

Floral Biotics™*
free Biotics Pro* + Biotics Post + biotics

Floral Biotics™* keeps the skin ecosystem healthy
It provides a healthy barrier that protects the skin from the outside.

*Including lactic acid bacteria fermentation soluble ingredients

Exploring the efficacy of flower ampoule mask pack

  마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩 수선화

transparent moisture barrier

Essence type : serum
Main ingredient :  hyaluronic acid
Efficacy:  Hydrating

Provides moisture deep into the skin
Improves moisture and moisturizes skinkeeps you

마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩 어성초


refreshing and soothing
soothing irritated skin

Essence type : water
Main ingredient : Centella asiatica extract
Efficacy : Soothing

Refreshes and soothes the skin
Purifies and soothes the skin
take care

 마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩 캐모마일

good calm
comfortable skin care

Essence type : serum
Main ingredient : beta-glucan
Efficacy : Calming

Soothes and soothes the skin
Keeps skin soft

마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩 로즈


Whitening functional cosmetics
whitening moisturizing
clear and fresh skin

Essence type: serum
Main ingredient: Panthenol
Efficacy: Whitening & Moisturizing

Reinforces the skin barrier to provide moisture to the skin
maintain and protect from the external environment.
It protects the skin.

 마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩 무궁화


anti-wrinkle functional Cosmetics
full of moisture
Reinforcement of tight barriers

Essence type: cream
Main ingredient: ceramide
Efficacy: Deep Moisturizing

similar to the skin barrier structure
Contains ceramide ingredients to deepen the skin
Builds a dense moisture barrier

 마몽드 플라워 앰플 마스크팩 동백

anti-wrinkle functional Cosmetics
full of nutrients
strong skin protection

Essence type: cream
Main Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen
Efficacy: Anti-Aging

It is easily absorbed into the skin in the form of a low molecular weight.
Long-lasting moisture and elasticity of the skin
keeps it




Mamonde FLOWER AMPOULE MASK 23ml 10pcs

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