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Mamonde Centella Trouble Toner 250ml

Type: Toner

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Mamonde Centella Trouble Toner 250ml


From Centella asiatica leaves to flowers and stems in one bottle!
Centella asiatica 98.32%
Mamonde Centella Trouble Toner
* Centella asiatica, which is difficult to stabilize in water, is stabilized in the toner formulation with hydration technology.

Real reviews from real fanatics ★★★★★★★

I'm going to put a lot of it on a cotton pad and put it in one pack a day~~!
I decided to use Centella toner from now on.
I'll give you 20 stars... I'm glad I found a very good item ㅠㅠ
It even cleans the dead skin cells so it feels fresh and good!
I used one and bought three more because it was Good ~~
Mamonde Toner is so famous that I trust it and use it !!!

Settlement  item
Most loved item
Trustworthy item
Fresh item

Centella asiatica trouble toner containing 98.32% Centella asiatica water to soothe irritated skin due to external environment.

Check point!

# Centella asiatica 98.32%
Centella asiatica extract soothes and purifies irritated skin

# Exfoliation
Control of secreted sebum + keratin preparation with naturally derived BHA

# 8 kinds of additive-free
Animal ingredients FREE
Mineral oil FREE
Airfare FREE
Polyacrylamide FREE
Imidazolidanylurea FREE
Triethanolamine FREE
Silicone Oil FREE
Synthetic dye FREE

Q&A before use
It smells like grass! What fragrance is in Centella Trouble Toner?
Centella Toner contains no artificial fragrances! Centella's unique fragrance

I think it would be dry for dry skin to use...
If you feel dry, use a cotton pad and use as a skin pack!

There was a function of exfoliating dead skin cells, but isn't it severe skin irritation?
(BGM. Don't worry baby) Worry NO NO ~
Gentle care with naturally derived BHA and soothing skin with Centella asiatica extract!


The moment you need exfoliating
Apply toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe along the skin texture to care for the sebum and dead skin cells!

When you need to calm down
Soothe irritated skin by placing a cotton pad soaked in toner on it for a while!

Use it as a body care mist with the mist pump that sprays upside down!

★ Centella asiatica extract T.M.I ★

Efficacy of Centella asiatica extract

Since ancient times, many studies have been known about the soothing effect of Centella asiatica extract.

Centella Trouble Toner is applied with hydration technology that dissolves the active ingredient of Centella asiatica extract into a small amount and stabilizes it.

Hydration is achieved through a method specialized for low-viscosity hydration, thereby maximizing the feeling of use and strengthening the moisturizing effect by simulating the lipid structure of the skin barrier.

Purified water, cetearyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol, amodimethicone, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed elastin, centella asiatica extract, brown algae extract Water, petigrain oil, rosemary extract, castor oil, lactic acid, hexadimethrin chloride, polyquaternium-58, polyquaternium-10, disodium EDTA, cetrimonium chloride, fragrance, chlorhexidine D Gluconate, cetearyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol, amodimethicone, stearamidopropyldimethylamine, polyquaternium-58, hydrolyzed wheat protein, birch sap, milk protein extract, keratin amino acid, Hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed soybean protein, horseradish extract, sewage extract, argan tree kernel oil, camellia oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, cetrimonium chloride, lactic acid, polyquaternium-10, hexadimes Lin chloride, chlorhexidine digluconate, disodium EDTA

1. If you have any of the following abnormalities using cosmetics, you will stop using it, and if you continue to use it, your symptoms will get worse, so please consult with a dermatologist.
1) If there are abnormalities such as red spots, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. during use
2) In case the application area has the above abnormalities due to direct sunlight
2. Do not use on areas with wounds or abnormalities on the back.
3. Precautions for storage and handling
1) Be sure to close the cap after use.
2) Keep out of reach of infants and children.
3) Do not store in places with high or low temperatures or exposed to sunlight.

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