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Type: Health supplement




Lacto fit new upgrade
Fortified core strain combination LACTO-5X
Lactofit Live Lactobacillus Gold

* Criteria for selection of lactic acid bacteria
- Doing well
- Scientific verification
- New formula

Renewal Lacto Fit
Lactobacillus (probiotics)
lactobacillus food
* Use of proven strains as prebiotics supplements (NGS analysis lactic acid bacteria metabolites (postbiotics)
Contains fortified core strains
Lactofit's unique core formula
01 Enhancement of expertise Criteria for selection of lactic acid bacteria
02 Combination of 5 key strains with enhanced scientific validation LACTO-5X ™ L LACTO-SX LACTO-5X "LACTO FIT AMAT Live Lactobacillus
03 Be sure to check out the new formula LACTO-5X!
Securing reliability by listing SCI-grade papers and using strains verified with cutting-edge analysis technology S. thermophillus wwwx 8 lactis 100 Mering LACTO-FIT Live lactobacillus gold lactobacillus feed * (prebiotics) V NGS Next Generation Sequencing L Plantarum (Joo Won LACTO-5X LACTO 22 were a V L. acidophilus wej B. bifidum (HID 'cccccces Lactobacillus Lactobacillus Metabolites (Probiotics) (Postbiotics) Lactobacillus Feed and Lactobacillus Metabolites Buwon)

1. Key strain combinations
Each lactobacillus has a different location in the intestine, so it is most important to properly mix it in consideration of this.
Developed an enhanced core strain combination LACTO-5X™.

01 Key strain combination LACTO-5X ™ Q
Why are key strain combinations important?
Since each lactic acid bacteria has a different location in the intestine, it is most important to consider it and mix it properly.
Intestine Streptococcus Lactofit developed a core strain combination LACTO-5XTM fortified by finding the ratio of lactic acid bacteria that mainly inhabit each place of the duodenum, small intestine, and large intestine through three years of research and over 3,000 tests.
Duodenal Lactobacillus Streptococcus 77443 LACTO-5X "Intestine Streptococcus Duodenum Lactobacillus Streptococcus Colon Bifidobacterium Colon Bifidobacterium

Securing the reliability of key strains through scientific verification
*Did you have a hard time choosing a good lactobacillus? 2 02 LACTO-5X ™ uses only core strains that have been verified through analysis of the diversity, distribution, and composition of microorganisms with the state-of-the-art analysis technology (NGS*) unique to lactofit.
So, Lactofit presents the advanced standard for lactic acid bacteria.
Lactobacillus type analysis Lactobacillus strain genome analysis (whole genome sequencing) Core lactobacillus strain culture/production Establishment of a differentiated database of lactofit only LACTO-5X ™ formulation of strains with Lactofit's technology
* What is NGS (Next-Generation-Sequencing)?
State-of-the-art technology that can analyze the diversity, distribution, and composition of microorganisms with next-generation sequencing techniques

02. Securing the reliability of key strains through scientific verification
LACTO-5X ™ uses only the core strains verified through analysis of the diversity, distribution, and composition of microorganisms with Lactofit's own state-of-the-art analysis technology (NGS*).

The key strain combination LACTO-5X has been listed in an SCI-level paper in an international academic journal. Concentration imM) 8 50 40 30 20 10 | Control LACTO-5X # Total Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA)"
* What are short chain fatty acids?
As an acidic substance produced by lactic acid bacteria, it inhibits harmful bacteria and forms an environment beneficial to intestinal health. Animal test results of probiotics LACTO-5X, a functional raw material, showed total short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) compared to the control group.
* Confirmed increase, but may not act the same on human body Source: Prebiotics / Probiotics Mixture Induced Changes in Cecal Microbiome and intestinol Morphology Allevicted the Loperamide-induced Constipation in Rat, Food Science of Animal Resources
We en ods Lactofit Live Lactobacillus Gold Recommended for the whole family!
Those who do not have smooth bowel movements Those who want regular bowel movements
Older people with decreased intestinal lactic acid bacteria
Those who are bloated or worried about their gut health
Office workers who sit for long periods of time in a chair
Students Infants and children with sensitive intestines
Lactobacillus, why should you eat it?
Harmful bacteria such as E. coli create toxic substances with the nutrients we eat, and these toxic substances can be absorbed back into the intestine and act as a lasting risk factor for our health.
Therefore, it is necessary to manage the balance of harmful and beneficial bacteria in our intestines. Since the space in the intestine and the amount of food we eat are limited, the balance of lactic acid bacteria and harmful bacteria in the intestine may change depending on our eating habits.
In addition, beneficial bacteria feed on carbohydrates and dietary fiber, and harmful bacteria feed on protein and fat. Therefore, for gut health, it is helpful to eat a lot of dietary fiber, and to eat less meat-based high-protein/fat diets.
Beneficial lactic acid bacteria and harmful harmful bacteria coexist in the intestines Beneficial bacteria Harmful bacteria Digestion of food
Drainage “Our gut is doing more than we think.
Existing more than 70% of water-absorbing immune cells Among them, the most important part is the fact that about 70% of immune cells are present in the intestine.
A healthy gut means a healthy body!
However, if you continue to lead a bad lifestyle, harmful bacteria in the gut increase!
Beneficial bacteria are reduced!
In addition, the health balance in the intestine may be disturbed for various reasons.
Irregular lifestyle, stress, convenience food, aging



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