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Label Young Shocking Soap Cool Ver. 4pcs

Type: Cleanser & Exfoliator

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Label Young Shocking Soap Cool Ver. 4pcs


It's great!
Pore ​​angler who only catches large pores

Shocking Soap Cool Ver.

Full version

[Pore convergence + sebum & waste removal + oil and moisture balance]
√ Refreshing pore cleansing with cooling bubble foam
√ Contains [glacial glacial water, kaolin, bentonite]!
√ Happiness! Refreshing! delightful skin cleansing! Contains sweet and refreshing soda flavor!

Wait here!
Shocking cool version! Come back even cooler!
Soft Explosion! Refreshing explosion!
Allergy Low Flavor
A sweet and refreshing soda scent that will give you ecstasy while washing!!!!

The shocking full version, which was released in 2016 and has been loved explosively for a long time, has been changed to "Sweet and Cool Soda" with allergen-inducing ingredients to make your skin more gentle. The recipe for ingredients, feel, and formulation of the existing Shocking Cool version is 100% the same, so you can enjoy washing with the new scent! softness! cool! Feel refreshed!

Shacking Soap Pore Cool Ver.
Pore Cleansing + Cooling Foam = Shacking Soap Pore Cool Ver.

Cleanly! Cool! Refreshing!
A face-washing soap that cleans away pore waste!

Blackhead management
Pore care
Waste care
Sebum care
Grinding Care

These dirty things!! I'll catch them all!!

Plant-derived vegetable soap!!!!
Shocking Soap Cool Ver.

01. How to distinguish plant-derived vegetable soap! If you burn it, it will come out~

After Burning_Our company's soap
Our own soap has a pleasant smell as it burns black.

After Burning_Shocking Soap Cool Ver.
Shocking Soap Cool Ver. melts like water without an unpleasant odor, revealing clear, transparent sky-blue water of its original color.

02. The long-lasting foam of soap is life!!
Let's time it!
Even after time passes, it can be observed that they are still alive.

03. Elastic foam that drains sebum!
Let the bubble strength!
Shocking Soap Cool Ver. has the strength of soft and rich foam, so you can feel the satisfaction of purifying sebum when cleansing.

Shocking Soap Cool Ver.!
Carefully made!

Confirmation of plant-derived botanical soap

Excessive packaging! Safety First Promise!!
The benefits of plant-derived botanical soap only!

Shocking Soap Cool Ver. uses only essential subsidiary materials to save the environment and unnecessary costs, and uses a double packaging technique to protect the product hygienically.
Environmental saving!
Hygiene OK with double packaging!

Shocking Soap Pore Cool Ver.
Pore Ice!
Fully Uncover the Form!

Texture: Cool cooling bubble that gently wraps the skin

Point 1
Don't think it's a tiny bubble!
With a bubble net, the foam is soft like whipped cream.

Point 2
Refreshing & refreshing feeling GOODI
Plant-derived ingredients are gentle on the skin after cleansing! OK!

Point 3
Don't think it will be clunky like laundry soap!
Grip feeling & touch in one hand! Adds stinging sweet and cool soda flavor

There are 4 ingredients in the Shocking Soap Cool Ver.~!
Glacial soil
Glacial water

Bread Cusop Cool Version is a product that helps in pore cleansing care. Pore ​​Convergence By managing the parts that you could feel from various pore troubles, such as preventing oiliness due to sebum and providing a refreshing feeling, it refines the skin texture and gives a clean and refreshing finish.

√ Cool Cooling Cleansing Care
Lotus water
Ice plant extract
Papaya Fruit Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)

√ Skin care & waste water discharge!
Finger lime fruit
Pomegranate extract
Chestnut Bark Extract
Shea butter

{Plant-derived recipe found from raw materials! }
The blood and sweat of Ravel Young employees looking for plant-derived ingredients! Good ingredients welcome the skin with open arms!

Wait here!
No added 5 harmful ingredients for cool cleansing!

Now, everyone pay attention!
Shocking Soap Cool Ver. Organize at once!

01 Clean pores are all mine now!!
Ingredients that help with pore management, such as kaolin bentonite, clean pores and discharge pore waste to provide refreshing and refreshing cleansing care.

02 Oh! chill! Cool cooling foam!
The thick and rich ice-cooling foam provides a cooling sensation to the skin that has been dull due to waste products.

03 Oily bye! Smooth Cleansing OK!
In order to balance the oil and moisture in the hot summer, it manages oily sebum and makes the skin pleasant and fresh.

04 Sweet and refreshing soda scent!
Shocking Soap Cool Ver. It resembles a blue glacier and has a cool ice blue color, refreshing and tangy! The stinging sweet and refreshing soda scent refreshes the skin.

Big pores! You're stuck!
I highly recommend these people!

Those who are looking for a clean pore cleansing product
Those who want to feel cool when washing their face
Those who want to manage pizza & oily stuff in summer
Those who are looking for a product that provides refreshing cleansing care
Those who want to coolly cleanse the stuffy skin that is dirty with peach waste
Those who want to take care of easily lifted and rough skin to a skin that receives makeup well

Shocking Soap Cool Ver. when to use
Follow me like this
POINT O1. When using the puncture version alone
01 Shocking Soap Cool Ver. Wet it well with water.
02 Rub on both hands about 5 to 15 times until bubbles form.
03 Apply the enriched foam to the entire face for about 1 to 2 minutes as if doing a cleansing massage.

POINT 02. When used with bubble net
01 Shocking Soap Cool Ver. Mix and wet the bubble mesh with water and rub until foam is abundant.
02 Squeeze the foam from the bubble net and place it on your hand.
03 Apply the enriched foam to the entire face for about 1 to 2 minutes as if doing a cleansing massage.

Tips to be praised by your skin!

TIP 01
Cooling bubble pack complete with abundant foam!

TIP 02
The old sebum accumulated on the nostrils is once again covered with your fingers!

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