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Label Young Shocking Soap Calming Ver. 5pcs

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Type: Cleanser & Exfoliator


Sensitive & sensitive skin
Wash it with this and you'll be surprised
Cleans waste and sebum
Gentle deep cleansing!

Deep cleansing + skin purification + blemish care

Plant-derived face wash containing tiger grass (centella asiatica).

If you are concerned about sensitive and sensitive skin, let's do a clean cleansing care with tiger soap!

Here's the tiger soap charm point!

Point 01.
"Allergy Low Fragrance" for sensitive skin
Contains fresh herbal scent!

Point 02.
Contains fresh green ingredients!
Don't be surprised ♥
It is a phenomenon caused by containing raw materials.

Our Shosopp Calming Version contains green (green tea powder, mulberry leaf powder, wheat sprout powder) instead of artificial coloring to provide gentle cleansing care for sensitive and sensitive skin.
For this reason, the green raw material powder that has been finely ground during soap manufacturing gathers in one place, and as a certain amount of time elapses, the unique color emerges and the phenomenon shown in the picture above may appear.
This is a normal product with no defects or abnormalities, so please trust us and use it with confidence ♥

Roar! I will eat them all!
Deep cleansing of skin blemishes/sensitive skin/skin wastes!

Tiger Soap Released!!!!!
Centella asiatica 1000ppm
Cleansing of various wastes such as sebum and dead skin cells
Tiger Grass (Centella Grass) 3 STEP Cleansing Care!
Defect care + waste removal + skin purification

Skin blemishes that entered the tiger's den
Skin blemishes
Sensitive skin
Dirty dead skin
If you want to be clean, try tiger soap!

The secret of tiger grass care is 3-STEP CARE
1 STEP Blemish care
2 STEP dead skin removal
3 STEP Skin purification

Clear and clean skin by removing various wastes! cleaning service

Tiger soap
It is manufactured so that even sensitive and sensitive skin can be used gently, and it helps with various noble and skin soothing care using rich foam.

The mild and clean cleansing power of tiger soap!
Flawless Care + Deep Cleansing + Skin Purification

Triple cleansing care!

NO.01 Mild and soft feeling!
The soft and rich foam gently touches sensitive skin, providing a gentle feeling of use.

NO.02 Deep cleansing of various wastes
The soft and dense foam washes away various wastes, leaving the skin neat and clean.

NO.03 Helps to calm sensitive skin!
The plant-derived extracts of tiger soap help soothe sensitive skin and provide mild cleansing care.

Curious about the secret of tiger soap?!
That is the care ingredient of Tiger Soap!!!
'Centella asiatica (Centella Asiatica)'
Clean & Neat Care Ingredients!
Tea tree [skin texture care]
Green tea [soothing care]
Aloe [Moisture Care]
Eoseongcho [Sebum Care]
portulaca [skin care]

Tiger Soap is a cleansing soap for sensitive skin that contains plant-derived ingredients to help soothe the skin, and provides smooth and clean skin with rich foam and cleansing power.

The big reveal of the tenacious tiger soap!
Soft and dense foam
Texture: soft and foamy
Scent: Refreshing herbal scent
Grip: Non-slip grip feeling

Grip-type soap that fits snugly in the hand
Soft and rich foam when wet with water and rubbed
Clean Smooth Cleansing Care

Roar! dare!! Tiger can't stand it!
5 No added harmful ingredients


The wild beauty of wild beast tiger soap all at once!

01. Roar! Do you want to fall in love with tiger grass?
Tiger Soap contains about 1000 ppm of Centella asiatica (tiger grass) ingredient that helps to calm the skin, helping to soothe sensitive and sensitive skin.

02. The feeling of using tiger soap
Contains plant-derived ingredients to deliver a clear and clean feeling after cleansing

03. Rich bubbles! Cleaning power!
It provides clean cleansing power as if you did a double cleansing with rich foam!

Roar! Big reveal of the skin list recommended by Tiger Brother!

1. Those who want to use mild cleansing products
2. Those who want moist skin with less tightness even after washing face
3. Those who want to clean the skin from various wastes accumulated on the skin
4. Those who want to feel the unique charm of soap
5. Those who want to clean the face with a bundle of bundles

Use this classy tiger soap like this!

01. When using soap alone

01 Wet the tiger soap well in water.
02 Apply with rich microbubbles and massage lightly.
03 Rinse the face with clean water so that no residue remains.

02. When used with bubble net

01 Mix tiger soap and bubble net with water, wet it, and rub until foam is abundant.
02 Squeeze the foam on the bubble net and place it on your hand.
03 Apply the rich foam to the entire face and massage lightly.
04 Rinse with clean water so that no residue is left on your face.

Capacity: 100g (including water), 60g (dry)

Function: [Flawless Care + Deep Cleansing + Skin Purification] 3in1 Face Washing Soap

Care Ingredients:
Centella asiatica extract (Centella asiatica extract) 1,000ppm, tea tree extract, green tea extract, aloe vera leaf juice, yamwort extract (Eoseongcho extract), purslane extract (Machihyun extract)

Additive Free:
5 Free / Clofenesin, Triclosan, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Phenoxyethanol

Sorbitol, Proglycol Stearic Acid, Sodium Laureth Sulfate Purified Water, Lauric Acid, Glycerin, Disodium Laus Sulfosuccinate Sucrose Sodium Hydroxide, Green Tea Powder Flour Mulberry Leaf Powder, Centella Asiatica Extract (Centella Asiatica Extract) ) Tea tree extract, green tea extract, aloe vera leaf extract, aloe vera leaf juice, ryegrass buckwheat extract (starch plant extract, milk extract, Intermineol titanium dioxide, 1,2-acid diol, fragrance


Label Young Shocking Soap Calming Ver. 5pcs

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