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isoi Intensive Sugar Scrub 60g

Type: Cleanser & Exfoliator

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isoi Intensive Sugar Scrub 60g


isoi's Bulgarian Rose Intensive Sugar Scrub gently buffs away dry and dull skin with refined sugar as small as one-tenth the size of regular sugar crystals. Bulgarian Rose Oil and plant-based moisturizing ingredients leave skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.

2.12 oz/60 g



Certifications and awards

Obtained EWG VERIFIED ™ 
Acquired German Dermatest EXCELLENT grade
U.S. Primate Organic Market Whole Tod Products
isoi German research institute's unique blending know-how 


From face to lips!
Farewell to softness with keratin
Lip & Face #Sugar Scrub

Why do scrubs tell you to avoid the lips and mouth area?
Because there are few sebaceous glands and the delicate skin around the lips and mouth, even the scrub can be irritating, I use a separate lip scrub product.

But now!
You don't have to. Isoi's scrub is special.
With the power of delicately refined 1/10 fine sugar and noble Bulgarian rose oil, even sensitive lips are OK, and you can feel safe even if you put it in your mouth.


1 / 10 secret to reduce skin irritation concerns
Refined sugar particles with advanced technology to create particles that are 10 times smaller than before!
Gently and gently, say goodbye to old dead skin cells.


End with exfoliation?
The secret to becoming porcelain skin
Bulgarian Rose Oil

Extracted only 1g from 3,000 roses,
Plenty of noble Bulgarian rose oil
At the same time as exfoliating dead skin cells, take care of shine and moisture.

Soft texture that is safe even for sensitive skin
Combination of soft fine sugar and rose oil
The effect is clear, and it is gentle on the skin!
Feel the pleasant rolling with the scrub.


Wet your face with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount, massage your face and lips gently, and rinse.
It is free to use more than twice a week.

*You may feel a little angry after the massage, but you do not have to worry about it because of the unique action of Bulgarian rose oil.

Smooth and moist synergy
Tips for the right combination of honey
It's like being taken care of at home!
Better home care 2-STEP when used together 


Intensive Sugar Scrub
Smooth porcelain skin texture with soft and gentle keratin management

Intensive Lifting Mask Pack
After scrub, apply it thickly to boost elasticity and moisture while you sleep!

Now you need a sugar scrub!

  • Those who need exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time
  • Those with sensitive skin who are cautious about using a scrub
  • Those who want to create smooth lips
  • Those who are concerned about their dull and dull face
  • People who keep getting excited about makeup


Glycerin, sucrose (30%), purified water, macadamia seed oil,
Olive oil, damask rose water, cacao seed butter,
Jojoba seed oil, arachidyl alcohol, chrysanthemum extract,
behenyl alcohol, olive tree leaf extract, chrysanthemum flower extract,
Prickly pear extract, Lamiaceae leaf extract, arachidyl glucoside,
chestnut bark extract, white willow bark extract, centella asiatica extract,
Spanish licorice root extract, cacao seed extract,
Damask rose oil (authorized in Bulgaria), butylene glycol,
1,2-hexanediol, port marigold flower extract, golden extract,
Peony root extract, citronellol※, geraniol※
※Ingredients originally included in the natural essential oil itself

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