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IOPE THE VITAMIN C23 anti-aging ampoule 23g

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Type: Serum & Ampoule


※ Precautions when handling high-content vitamin C
Due to the nature of the high content of vitamin C, gas may be generated, and contents may leak or the container may be damaged for various reasons such as high temperature and direct sunlight, which may cause inconvenience during use. In order to more effectively experience the effects of high-content vitamin C, use immediately after purchase and refrigerate if unopened.

Taking care of summer skin concerns at once!
Pure vitamin C 23%

Noticeable skin glow, brightening effect, and firmness effect that appears at once

Antioxidation synergy care
(containing vitamin C, vitamin E, and pro-retinol)

Healthy skin energy granted with tight firmness and texture lifting effect through antioxidant care of multi-vitamin

Dual VitaC Formula
independent patented form

Adheres and surrounds the loosened skin to create a firm and healthy moisturizing film on the skin

Skin changes felt in just five days

Skin made tight in just five days through intensive care of high-content vitamin C

The outcome of Amorepacific’s vitamin
research that continued for 21 years!
Succeeded stabilizing the optimal concentration of pure vitamin C 23%!

 #Won Jang Young-shil Award   #Independent patented form

Optimal concentration 23%
Independent patented : Dual layer
Human body test: 7days


Surprising changes in the skin after four weeks


 볼 부위의 리프팅, 팔자주름, 피부 탄탄함(턱), 눈밑주름(아이백), 기미/잡티 연터짐, 기미/잡티 크기감소 가 골고루 분포된 그래프

Nasolabial folds reduced significantly by 12.6% after four weeks of useEyebag wrinkles reduced significantly by 10.6% after four weeks of use


Efficacy of THE VITAMIN C23 proven by human body test results

Skin changes that occur in just 7 days

              Skin glow             skin firmness             improved skin texture (bumps)


Skin roughness (bumps) reduced by 5.46% after one week of use

5.46Reduced skin roughness (bumps)

※ Period: June 12 ~ July 12, 2019 / Agency: P&K Skin Research Center / Subjects: Adult women aged 35~55 years

* These images correspond to the top 5 subjects.
* Effects can vary among individuals.

‘Nasolabial folds’ reduced significantly after four weeks of use

Before use  --> After four weeks of use
Nasolabial folds reduced by 12.6%

 ‘Eye and eyebag wrinkles’ improved after four weeks of use

Eyebag wrinkles reduced by 10.6%

  • · Period: June 12 ~ July 12, 2019 / Agency: P&K Skin Research Center
  • · Respondents: Adult women aged 35~55 years
  • · These images correspond to the top 5 subjects.
  • · Effects can vary among individuals.

Satisfaction based on HUT

Day 2after using the ampoule
“My skin tone seems brighter.”
Day 5after using the ampoule
“My skin seems tight.”
Day 7after using the ampoule
“My skin has become so firm as if I received professional skincare.”

[Satisfaction based on HUT]

HUT satisfaction on Day 7 after using for five days
Period: June 24 ~ July 3, 2019 / Agency: Remotion
Respondents: Korean women aged 40~55 years


Do you feel the content is missing?
An empty space is provided inside the container so that the two-layer formulation can be mixed and used lightly.

After combining the dropper, lightly shake 1-2 times.
When the two layers are mixed, you can experience a high content of vitamin C with a soft feel.



How to Use

Put three drops on each cheek around the cheekbone.

Roll and spread out along the skin texture in the order of cheeks → forehead → chin (neck)

Use the C-curl lifting motion to take care of skin firmness in the C zone, where poor firmness is noticeable.

Use fingers to check that the ampoule has turned sticky. Once the content becomes sticky, spread the next skincare product from inside out.


Precautions for Use

  • Attach the pipette and shake once or twice lightly before use.
  • The bottle can create a sound because it has high content vitamin C.
  • We recommend using vitamin C products within two months after opening because it can be discolored easily by oxidation.
  • Vitamin C products can create a stingy feel on the affected body part.
  • Keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Refrigerating the product for storage can help maintain the freshness of vitamin C.
  • Make sure to close the stopper after use.


Purified water, ascorbic acid, propanediol, dimethicone, tromethamine, panthenol, ethyl ascorbyl ether, squalane, caffeine, sodium chloride, sodium hyaluronate, fragrance, adenosine, sodium sulfite, disodium EDTA, glutathione, acetylglycosamine, Gardenia extract, limonene, dextrin, butylphenyl methylpropional, sunflower seed oil, butylene glycol, tocopherol, arginine, methyl trimethicone, niacinamide, pentylene glycol, safflower seed oil, camellia seed oil, sodium citrate, denatured alcohol, carrot extract, Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, beta-carotene


Skin future that does not collapse or sag

Step 01. 바이오 에센스 인텐시브 컨디셔닝, Step 02. 더 비타민 C23, Step 03. 슈퍼바이탈 크림 리치

  • Step 01. Conditioning

    Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

    In the first step, create translucent and smooth skin background with Bio Essence.

  • Step 02. Treatment

    The Vitamin C23

    Pure, intense vitamin C offers antioxidant care that creates the lifting and glowing effects by adding tight firmness.

  • Step 03. Repair

    Super Vital Cream Rich

    The synergy of Super Vital Cream with a tight texture completes firm and smooth skin that becomes full on the inside.


IOPE THE VITAMIN C23 anti-aging ampoule 23g

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