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Huxley Oil essence , Essence-like, Oil-like 100ml

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A large-capacity antioxidant oil essence that supplies energy and vitality to the skin with a well-balanced combination of cactus seed oil and essence.

An antioxidant oil essence that supplies energy and vitality to the skin with a well-balanced combination of cactus seed oil and essence.

-Anti-wrinkle functional Cosmetics
-Completed evaluation of antioxidant efficacy
-Completed clinical test for antioxidant human application
-Skin hypoallergenic test completed



-Customers who need both the moisturizing power of oil and the fresh nutrition of essence

-Customers who want to keep their skin fresh and moist for a long time

-Customers who need light yet moisturizing skin care products to use before makeup

1. Antioxidant moisturizing care essence applied with cactus moisturizing ingredients

Antioxidant efficacy evaluation completed

Cactus oil extracted from Moroccan cactus and cactus water are applied to protect and revitalize sensitive skin caused by various stresses.

2. Texture created in an optimal ratio by maximizing the advantages of oil and essence

It is a formulation that compensates for the disadvantages of oil and essence and maximizes the advantages, provides rich nutrition to the skin, and is soft and refreshingly absorbed without stickiness.

*Huxley Oil Essence, changes in one month of use Feel the skin full of vitality and vitality

-59.81% decrease in carbonylated protein in the stratum corneum

After using Huxley Oil Essence, it was confirmed that it helps human skin antioxidant
* As the average value decreases, it means that the skin is antioxidant

-Antioxidant human application clinical test completed

It was confirmed that the skin condition gradually improved through continuous use data, not a temporary change immediately after using the product.

Radiance. Delight. Simplicity

Antioxidant oil essence newly created by combining oil and essence in an optimal balance

It complements the sticky residue of the oil and the disappointing moisturizing power of the essence.

By maximizing only the advantages of oil and essence, it replenishes the skin's natural strength with high moisture, rich nutrition, and a fresh and soft feeling to make the skin full of vitality all day long.

*Cactus Seed Oil 

Moisturizing, Antioxidant

-Strong vitality to survive in the Sahara desert with daily temperature difference of over 50 degrees

-Nobleness that can be obtained by extracting 1 million seeds manually for 36 hours to obtain 1 liter

-High linoleic acid content makes it light and rich in moisture

-Contains vitamin E: 400 times more gamma tocopherol than olive oil

-Safe ingredients that have acquired the organic certification mark 

*Cactus Water

Moisture supply, skin soothing

-Instant moisture supply to dry skin

- Soothes irritated skin with a natural cooling sensation

-100% natural cactus without chemical fertilizers or herbicides

-Safe ingredients certified by ONSSA (Moroccan Food and Drug Administration) 

*Mate leaves
Moisturizing, Antioxidant

*Acai berry

*Camu camu

Hydration and nutrition 

Huxley Signature Scent


Huxley's signature scent inspired by the exotic gardens of Morocco, full of verdant contrasts with the dryness of the desert.




Huxley Oil essence , Essence-like, Oil-like 100ml

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