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Introducing NARD STYLING VOLUME SPRAY, a styling product from Himalaya Herb that will help you create the perfect look. With strong setting power and 24-hour lasting volume and curling, you can achieve the look you want without worrying about stickiness or clumping. The refreshing water-type formula contains wormwood and hyaluronic acid to help balance oil and moisture, while 5 macromolecular proteins and argan oil provide rich nutrition to damaged hair. Nad also contains 22 amino acids that help to alleviate hair loss symptoms and scalp vitality. The strong vitality of the Himalayas, Nad, contains large amounts of sesqui and coumarin which help hair. We insist only on CGMP certification, one of the most demanding manufacturing certifications, and strictly selected safe ingredients. With NARD STYLING VOLUME SPRAY, you can create the perfect style with 24-hour lasting volume and curling, natural curling feeling on bangs that hang without strength, and relief from hair loss symptoms. It’s the perfect solution for creating a beautiful and healthy look.

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Style completed with strong setting power

We deliver the strong vitality of the Himalayas one by one.

24-hour lasting volume & curling
Human body application test completed

A lively water-type formulation without worrying about oiliness and clumping

Elastic Mobile & Scalp
Helps alleviate hair loss symptoms

Bunch and clinging bangs
Loss of strength and shaggy hair
Frizzy messy hair

Instead of sagging and collapsing hair, set neatly with the strong fixing power of Nad Volume Spray.
6 Step Professional Styling Solution of Nad Styling Volume Spray

24-hour lasting hair volume and curling
Perfect styling with volume and curling feeling that has been verified through rigorous human body application tests

Refreshing water type without worrying about rice cakes
The light water-type formulation contains wormwood and hyaluronic acid to help balance oil and moisture, so you don't have to worry about stickiness or clumping.

Rich nutrition for damaged hair
Delivers rich nutrients of 5 macromolecular proteins that make up hair and argan oil

Scalp vitality UP, hair loss symptom relief
It takes care of the scalp with 22 amino acids that make up the scalp and functions to alleviate hair loss symptoms.

The strong vitality of the Himalayas, Nad
Nad contains large amounts of sesqui and coumarin, which relieve scalp stress and help hair.

Safe ingredients, reliable facilities
We insist only on CGMP certification, one of the most demanding manufacturing certifications, and strictly selected safe ingredients.

24-hour lasting volume & curling

Volume & curling that lasts for 24 hours after just one application verified through a professional clinical institution

Nard Styling Volume Spray is judged to be a product that helps hair volume lasting for 24 hours and curling lasting for 24 hours with a single use

Curling that lasts 24 hours in just one use
Natural curling sensation on bangs that hang without strength
More rich curling feeling for wave styling
24-hour curling lasting power verified by a professional clinical institution

Refreshing water type formula without worrying about stickiness
Styling products with strong setting power
Did you check that there are no lumps or lumps?

The refreshing water-type formula fixes it without worrying about clumping and cakeiness, and cleans easily and cleanly.
Artemisia wormwood ingredient that helps to balance oil and moisture in the scalp and hair and hyaluronic acid ingredient that moisturizes the hair and scalp help to keep the hair fresh without clumping or sticking over time.

Rich nutrition for damaged hair

Seamless nutrition delivery

5 Hydrolyzed Proteins

What is Hydrolyzed Protein?
It is a component called high molecular protein, which is absorbed by damaged cuticles and weakened hair, providing elasticity and nutrition to the hair.

Normal protein that cannot be absorbed

How is it different from regular protein?
Hydrolyzed protein is a protein of a smaller molecule than normal protein, and it has a higher absorption rate and penetrates into small cracks in damaged hair and scalp to deliver richer nutrition to weakened hair and scalp.

Rich nutrition of natural oils
2 botanical ingredients
Provides healthy nutrition to hair damaged by frequent drying and styling.

Argan oil
It is an oil from the seed of the argan tree, which has excellent ability to absorb moisture from the air.

Black Bean Extract
Black soybean ingredient, which is known to contain abundant nutrients such as cysteine ​​that helps hair vitality, delivers healthy vitality and abundant nutrients to the hair.

Relieves hair loss symptoms, improves scalp vitality!

Abundant volume and powerful setting power are basic!
Even with frequent use, hair loss symptom care and scalp care all at once!

Completion of possible report by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Hair loss symptom relief ingredient
Hair loss symptom relief ingredient developed after a long research and completed functional report by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety gives healthy power to the scalp.

01 Dexpanthenol
Scalp oil-moisture balance
Suppresses excessive oiliness of the scalp to balance oil and moisture, and delivers nutrients to the dermis layer of the scalp

02 Niacinamide
Scalp moisture barrier
With a strong moisturizing barrier effect, it keeps the scalp moist and healthy and maintains sebum balance.

03 Salicylic acid
Scalp & Pore Cleansing
Removes dead skin cells and sebum from the scalp to keep the scalp clean and healthy

04 Menthol
Calming scalp irritation
Soothes the irritated scalp and relieves the heat of the scalp

Functional cosmetics report completed
Protects scalp health with functional ingredients that help alleviate hair loss symptoms

22 amino acids scalp care system
It is the beginning of a healthy scalp and strong and healthy hair.

1. Scalp vitality
Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine, Asparagine

2. Calm the scalp
Histidine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, ortinine

3. Scalp nutrition
Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Taurine, Glutamic Acid

4. Improving absorption
Glycine, Alanine, Leucine, Lysine, Glutamine

5. Shiny hair
Serine, valine, cysteine, methionine, tryptophan

Himalayan Nad Herb

The strong vitality of the pure Himalayas!

5,000m above sea level Nad hub adapted to the harsh environment
Contains a large amount of sesqui and coumarin, ingredients that relieve scalp stress and help strengthen hair. Nad Styling Volume Spray delivers the strong vitality of clean Hailaya. By adding healthy natural ingredients of nard herbs, it makes weakened scalp and hair strong and healthy.

Safe ingredients, reliable manufacturing facilities

We think the basics.
Use Nad Ballroom Spray with confidence

(NO Humidifier Ingredients)
Humidifier sterilization ingredient exclusion
We inform you that Nad Spray does not contain CMIT/MIT, a humidifier sterilizing ingredient that has been controversial due to its harmfulness to the human body.

hypoallergenic spray
This product has been judged to be hypoallergenic through a skin patch test at the Korea Dermatological Research Institute.

CGMP certified manufacturing facility
NAD undergoes thorough quality/sanitary management in a facility that has obtained CGMP, one of the most stringent certifications.

Carefully selected natural ingredients
Only high-quality raw materials are carefully selected and used through a strict ingredient verification process.

Social Responsibility
A good brand that fulfills its social responsibilities, NAD

We don't just think about outward beauty. Meet with you who care about society and help the socially vulnerable to become healthy and independent
The precious purchases of each and every one of you who love Nad were written to help the poor people of Nepal become self-reliant. A portion of the proceeds will be used for self-reliance of the vulnerable in Korea.

How to use the Nad Styling Volume Spray for the perfect style
Spray at a distance of 15cm from the area that needs fixing. A more satisfactory styling is possible by fixing the volume together with a hair roll, iron, etc.


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