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HERA Black Cushion

Type: Cushion

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HERA Black Cushion

17N1 - $60.96 USD
  • 17N1 - $60.96 USD
  • 21C1 - $60.96 USD
  • 21N1 - $60.96 USD
  • 23C1 - $60.96 USD
  • 23N1 - $60.96 USD
  • 25N1 - $60.96 USD


HERA Black Cushion 11Color

* GLOWPICK #1 in the Hall of Fame for 10 consecutive weeks
* 1st place in the cushion section of the first half of 2021 Beauty Awards
* 2021 First Half Beauty Awards Cushion Category Winner

* It is a semi-matte cushion that provides a velvety tea skin with a layerless matte cover that precisely fills in the gaps of the skin and fits lightly like your own skin.

01. Layerless Matte Cover 
Thin but powerful matte cover with powerful fitting force

02. Hour High - End Stay 
Color without darkening + matte cover without clumping + super adhesion + high coverage for 24 hours

03. Asian Skin Fit Shade 
Shades tailored to Asian women's skin and cushioning

The layerless mat cover is a black cushion cover technology that breaks the rules of the easy matte and hides important flaws while expressing a thin, super-adherent look.

* Magefit Pigment
A thin, non-clumping cover is realized over a large area with a small amount of magnet fit pigment applied.

* 3-Layer Film 
The texture with three different size cover films applied closely and smoothly along the curves of the skin.

* Zero-vity fit Puff
Zero beat fit puff with multi-pores for thin and uniform adhesion even on curved skin.

The 'color without darkening + matte cover without clumping + super adhesion + high cover' black cushion maintains the adhesion immediately after using the product for 24 hours, creating a flawless velvet tea skin all day long.

*Mask stain prevention effect - 94%
It lasts more than 24 hours, so high-quality skin expression is stably maintained even in a mask wearing environment.

-Even when the mask is removed, the skin expression is maintained beautifully. 100%
-Even when wearing a mask, the skin condition is maintained. 100%
-The mask is not easily erased by friction. 100%
-No mask marks. 100%
-No lumps when taking off the mask. 100%
-Even if I put on makeup and wear a mask, I don't feel uncomfortable. 100%
-Skin does not feel dry even when wearing a mask. 100%

Based on the 'AP Grid' created by researching the skin of 2,000 Asian women, the Asian Skin Fit Shade custom designed for the cushion provides a natural-looking skin look.

* 17N1 Vanila : Create a bright and bright skin tone
* 19N1 Light Vanila : Natural tone-up effect by increasing the saturation
* 21N1 Vanila : Color that fits naturally on the skin

Choose your own color with subdivided color shades.

STEP 1  Skin Brightness
STEP 2  skin tone selection

When your personal color is cool tone
When you want to express bright skin
When you want to create vitality by holding a yellow tone

Cool tone/warm tone personal color When you want to find the best color without borders
When you want natural skin expression
When you want to cover redness
* 21N1 : Natural look
* 17N1 : Bright and bright
* 21C1 : Grab the yellow flag and create vitality
* 23N1 : Natural look
* 21N1 : Bright and bright
* 23C1 : Grab the yellow flag and create vitality

* A more perfect black closest to the essence
1. Maintains the coverage of the existing black cushion
2. A lightweight, close-fitting cushion that seems to be in zero gravity
3. Minimalist and chic design
4. Low smudge mask - Proof Cushion

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