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DR. VITA Premium Vita C Cream 30g

Are you looking for a moisturizer that can help with dark spots and blemishes? Look no further than DR. VITA Premium Vita C Cream 30g! This cream has a triple melanin fundamental care technology that helps with both visible melasma and blemishes, as well as latent melanin care to prevent future spots and blemishes. It has been proven effective through 8 human body tests, with a 1.98% reduction in melasma and pigmentation after four weeks of use. It contains 10% 100,000 ppm of pure vitamin C, which is highly concentrated to provide maximum nourishment to your skin. The hypoallergenic formula has been tested for skin irritation and proven to be safe to use. In addition, it also includes adenosine and licorice extract to help improve wrinkles and whiten your skin, as well as ceramide to reduce irritation and increase nutrition. With DR. VITA Premium Vita C Cream, you can get the perfect combination of wrinkle improvement and whitening with just one cream!

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DR. VITA Premium Vita C Cream 30g


* DR. VITA Premium Vita C Cream 

* Are you worried about spots and blemishes?
Visible freckles are not only visible, but also start under the skin.
In order to take care of dark melasma, you need to take care of not only visible but also latent melanin pigments.

* Real reviews from customers before and after skin care

* Dr. Vita Cream's triple melanin fundamental care technology provides fundamental whitening from visible melasma and blemishes to latent melanin care.

* Melanin Care 
Current melanin care :
Visible melasma, blemishes
Latent melanin care : future spots and blemishes
Enhancement of melanin resistance : Skin protection ability

* 1.98% reduction in melasma and pigmentation after 4 weeks of use

* Lemon juice--> V10 Vitamin Solution C (Containing Vitamin C Derivatives)-->Dr.Vita C Cream (Pure Vitamin C)

* Proven effectiveness through 8 human body tests!
1. Relief of blemishes and pigmentation by reducing melanin
- 1.98% reduction
in melasma and pigmentation after 4 weeks of use
2. Helps improve wrinkles
- Decreased by 16.51%
after 4 weeks of use
3. Helps improve elasticity
- Increased by about 5.72%
after 4 weeks of use
4. Improve skin moisture change
- Skin moisture change immediately after use Improvement rate 1117.74%
- 17.40% increase
after 4 weeks
5. Helps improve transepidermal water loss
- Transepidermal water loss 49.91% immediately after use
- 15.92% reduction
after 4 weeks
6. Skin damage improvement evaluation
- Decreased by 11.46% after 5 minutes of using skin damage

* Turn into a pure vitamin C cream containing 10% 100,000 ppm of pure vitamin.

Skin texture 97%
Skin damage improvement 91%
Wrinkles 91.5%
Pigmentation 94%
Elasticity 95.5%
Inner Moisturizing 97.5%
Outer Moisturizing 92%

* Added moisture to whitening.
1. Hypoallergenic mild feeling
It was developed to act mildly on the skin while stabilizing pure vitamin C.
Skin irritation test completed and safe to use. (However, there may be differences depending on the individual.)

2. Stabilizing formula of easily oxidized vitamins
Vitamins are components that are easily oxidized by air and light.
However, Dr. Vita Pure Vitamin C Cream is a tube-shaped container that prevents foreign substances from entering, so the product is highly stable.

3. Functional vitamin C cream that does not use purified water
Existing Dr. Vita Vita C Cream did not use purified water, making it difficult to apply functional ingredients.
After long research, Dr. Vita Premium Vita C Cream is a dual functional cosmetic that helps improve wrinkles and whitens by adding adenosine and useful licorice extract without using purified water. (The final process standard purified water was not used.)

* 10% Vitamin C, which delivers nutrients to the skin without irritation
The lower the pH, the higher the absorption rate of vitamin C. Up to 20% of the skin absorbs well, and the absorption rate drops below 20%. However, using a product with a low pH or a product with a high vitamin C content can cause skin irritation.

Dr. Vita studied the absorption rate of pure vitamin C and the pH at which vitamin C can be absorbed well without stimulation, and applied the optimal content of 10%.

* 10% pure vitamin + whitening, wrinkle improvement double function + ceramide added to reduce irritation and increase nutrition.

* Dr.Vita Pure Vitamin C Cream uses premium vitamin C from DSM, UK.
Vitamin C is mainly produced in England and China.
Dr. Vita Premium Vita C Cream contains premium vitamin C from British DSM.

* 3 Step Care
01. Improving freckles and blemishes
02. Improves fine wrinkles and elasticity
03. Moisturizing
* We do not use purified water!
In order to sufficiently absorb pure vitamin C, which is easily oxidized by water and air, it contains moisturizing ingredient ceramide without using purified water.
Ceramide forms a moisturizing film on the skin, allowing you to feel the warmth.

# Purified water was not used as a standard for the final manufacturing process.

* Adverse reaction evaluation - no adverse reactions observed

* Skin clinical test completed - Korea Skin Clinical Science Research Institute

* Dr. Vita's pure vitamin C cream researches the pH that can reduce irritation when used on the skin, and produces a pH 3.5 cream that increases skin absorption with less irritation.

* Highly concentrated formula
The characteristic of Pure Vitamin is that you can feel the moisture and subtle glow from the inside of the skin as soon as it is applied with warmth.

* How to use
After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply evenly over the entire face at the last step of basic care.

· The lid must be closed immediately to prevent oxidation.
· Make sure to apply sunscreen thoroughly after using it in the morning.
· The high content of pure vitamin C can cause the cream formulation to turn yellow by reacting with water and air on the skin after use.


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