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PPPICK Dental Bread 3Types 128g

Type: Pet Products

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PPPICK Dental Bread 3Types 128g

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*Dental Bread 3Types

2020 Korea's Best Brand Value & Innovative Company Grand Prize
Award Category - Pet Snacks

*Brushing teeth that dog owners and dogs struggle with!
It's so hard, can I keep feeding it?
Is it made with ingredients that are safe to feed every day?
Can a dog eat deliciously?
Can tartar be removed from every nook and cranny to the molars?

Made for you and your dog who are worried about brushing their teeth.

Q1. Is it okay to just eat hard dental gum?

The enamel of dog teeth is five times thinner than that of humans, so eating hard gum incorrectly can adversely affect your oral health, including cracking, missing teeth and bleeding teeth.

Dental gum should not be hard!

Dental Bread is a soft and fluffy layer of air that does not put any strain on your dog's teeth and roof of mouth.

Q2.Can tartar be removed from every nook and cranny?

Tartar in dogs is mainly caused by food getting stuck in the deep grooves on the slopes of the teeth and molars.

In the case of existing dental gums, it is difficult to remove tartar deep between the teeth because there are many cases where only the appearance is taken care of to remove tartar.

So, Dental Bread has a layer of air in the middle for easy tartar removal. Numerous sections of the air layer stimulate between the gums and teeth like a sponge, helping to remove tartar down to the deep grooves of the molars.

*Chiseng Care Customer Satisfaction 91%

*When a customer brushes teeth and feeds dental bread for 15 days

Q3.It would be nice to be able to prevent it...

Is it enough to just remove the tartar?
Dental Bread persistently researched only dental care.
As a result, it was possible to add a natural enzyme dextranase.

What is dextranase?
It is a natural enzyme used in mouthwash and helps prevent plaque from turning into tartar and prevents tooth decay.

*Dextranase experiment

I tried soaking the food my dog ​​eats every day in dextranase.
When added to the enzyme, it was confirmed that the feed in the dextranase was decomposed into powder 3 hours after the start of the experiment.

Is it safe to feed every day?

"All artificial raw materials OUT"
dental bread is made with ingredients that dogs can eat healthy.
-Free from gluten, antibiotics, coloring and artificial flavors.

Produced using human-food-grade fresh raw materials in a domestic factory that has completed ISO9001, 14001 certification.

*Upgrade Recipe

Carob - A legume native to the Mediterranean coast, rich in vitamins and calcium.
Turmeric - Contains curcumin, a physiologically active substance, and helps to strengthen immunity and relieve inflammation.
Chicory Fiber - Naturally soluble dietary fiber extracted from chicory root, reduces cholesterol and aids in bowel movement.

Please pick the right dental bread for our dog 


-Dog worried about patellar dislocation Dog
-Dog worried about joint health 
-Dog worried about eye health such as glaucoma Dog
-Dog with many tears and tear marks Frequently scratching the body or worried about the skin In dogs
-Dogs with frequent skin diseases

01.Dental Bread Joint Health Main Ingredients

Super Seed Hemp Seed
-Selected by Time Magazine as one of the 6 super grains to maintain bone and muscle health Contains 8 essential amino acids

-frankincense sap Dried malignant disease Protects knee cartilage, aids in pain relief Helps joint health

-Protects knee cartilage, helps in pain joint health help

*Dental Bread Eye Health Main Ingredients

Super Seed Hemp Seed
-Selected by Time Magazine as one of the 6 super grains to maintain bone and muscle health Including 8 essential amino acids

-Reduces eye fatigue Helps with conjunctivitis, glaucoma and cataract Containing vitamin A and beta-carotene

Cattle Liver
-Helps improve tear flow
Absorption rate increase

03.Dental Bread Skin Health Main Ingredients

Super Seed Hemp Seed
-Selected by Time Magazine as one of the 6 super grains to maintain bone and muscle health Contains 8 essential amino acids Increase

Fish Collagen
-absorption rate Help to improve skin 

Coconut Oil
-Helps soothe and moisturize the skin

Keep your teeth healthy with Dental Bread that cares for both dog owners and dogs.


Q How many are in 1 pack of dental bread?
-Contains 8 pieces per pack. 

Q From what month can the dental bread be paid?
-It is possible to pay from 3 months of age. 

Q How many calories are in 1p of dental bread?
-It is 4kcal per 1g each, which is 64kcal based on 16g on average.
Use the recommended daily calorie calculation method to check the amount your dog needs and feed it 

Q.I think the dental bread sizes are different. Why?
-Dental bread is produced as the product is inflated to create a layer of air that aids in plaque removal. 
Please understand that during the pumping process, the shape may come out irregularly with a weight of 16-19g depending on the area under pressure or the temperature.

Q There are dark spots on the surface of the product.
Dental bread can be seen as a dark dot of the 'bean liver' ingredient contained in eye health. Beef liver is an effective ingredient for improving dog tears and tear marks, so you can feed it with confidence. 

Q It seems to stick in the mouth.
-In the case of dogs who have weak teeth and cannot chew well, only saliva may be secreted and the product may stick to the roof of the mouth in a lumpy state. I
f you cut it into small pieces or leave it at room temperature for 10-20 minutes, the moisture evaporates and the sticking in the mouth is alleviated and fed.

Q.Why did the preservative disappear from 5 FREE in the original package?
-Dental Bread does not use preservatives. Nevertheless, we confirmed the possibility of influx of preservatives with levels that can be detected in nature through the distribution routes of the materials used for product production and the farms that grow the raw materials.
In order to provide more transparent information on the main material, please note that preservatives are excluded from the list of additions by reflecting the content of detectability.
Pippi Pick will strive to provide healthier and safer dog food.

*Precautions when giving snacks

If your teeth are weak, soak them in water and feed them to older children or children with periodontal disease.

If the snack is swallowed well, have a guardian watch it carefully to ensure that you chew it well and swallow it.

Feed Test Sensitive dogs may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea (changes in stool condition) when fed a new treat. Try feeding in a small amount and give it according to the recommended amount after a period of adaptation.

-This product is for pets, so do not feed it to ruminants.
-Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it out of reach of children.
-For sick dogs, elderly dogs, and pregnant dogs, please consult with a veterinarian before feeding.
-The dark spots on the surface of the product may appear due to the nature of the raw material and process, so please rest assured that it may cause digestive problems or diarrhea.
-Please adjust the amount according to your health condition, exercise amount, etc.
-If vomiting or diarrhea occurs after eating this product, stop feeding and if there is no improvement after examining the condition for half a day, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian.
-After opening the product, refrigerate and serve as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

*Recommended daily amount

Small dogs (less than 4 kg) - 0.5 to 1 pc
Small dogs (4-8 kg) - 1 to 1.5 pcs
Semi-medium dog (8-12kg) - 1.5~2 pcs
Medium-sized dogs (12-16 kg) - 2-3 pcs
Semi-large dogs (16-30 kg) - 3-4 pcs
Large dogs (30-45 kg) - 4-5 pcs
Extra large dogs (over 45 kg) - 6 pcs

*Registered ingredients

More than 5.0% of crude protein
More than 1.0% crude fat
Calcium 0.01% or more
Phosphorus 0.1% or more
More than 4.0% of crude fiber
Minerals 5.0% or less
Water 20.0% or less

More than 5.0% of crude protein
More than 1.0% crude fat
Calcium 0.01% or more
Phosphorus 0.1% or more
More than 4.0% of crude fiber
Minerals  5.0% or less
Water 20% or less

More than 5.0% of crude protein
More than 1.0% crude fat
Calcium 0.01% or more
Phosphorus 0.1% or more
More than 4.0% of crude fiber
Mineral 5.0% or less
Water 20% or less

Winter Payroll Precautions
Due to the low temperature, the product may be somewhat hardened upon delivery.
If stored in a cold place, the product may harden somewhat.
If the product hardens due to low temperature,
it is recommended to microwave it for 5 seconds or soak it in warm water for 5-7 seconds.

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