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Daleaf Better Perfume Hair Essence Rainy Day 90ml

SEO Content:Looking for a hair care solution that will last all day long? Look no further than Daleaf Better Perfume Hair Essence Rainy Day 90ml. This amazing hair care solution is formulated with natural ingredients to leave your hair looking and feeling healthier. It contains Galactomyces Beryo Perfume Hair Essence, Tomis Moisture Oil, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and a unique blend of 25 Hair Protein Extracts to nourish and protect your hair from damage. It also has a unique scent capsule that will last all day long and can be layered for a richer scent. With Daleaf, you get a one-minute a day hair therapy that won't leave any stickiness or oiliness. It also provides a fresh, clean feeling with a pleasant scent that lasts all day. You can even combine it with Daleaf Better Perfect Shampoo and Treatment for even longer lasting results. For a truly unique experience, try Daleaf's Fragrance Type 01 with its unique scent of nature. Rainy Day provides a fresh and clean scent combined with a friendly, kind and lively feeling. Ylang Rose has a subtle and attractive fragrance in harmony with the elegance of rose bouquet and the sensual fragrance of il

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Daleaf Better Perfume Hair Essence Rainy Day90ml

Daleaf Better Perfume Hair Essence Rainy Day90ml


Good Ingredients Naturalism Perfume Care  

Take care of your day with dealaf  

Don't let your day go unnoticed  

DALEAF Better Perfume Hair Essence  
DALEAF Galactomyces Beryo Perfume Hair Essence.  

Perfume essence with rich scent.  
A gentle and charming resistance.  
DALEAF  Tomis.  
Moisture oil without stickiness.  
It contains amino acid COMPLEX.  
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.  

Look at me  
DALEAF Better Perfume Hair Essence used by Jaekyung Kim  

Naver Beauty Window Hair Essence Sales Popularity No. 1  

Only by word of mouth!  
Achieved 1st place in Beauty Window Hair Essence section!  

Better Perfume Hair Essence
For longer, experience layering of DALEAF's fragrance that spreads deep into your hair.
DALEAF Better Perfume Essence has a scent capsule that is absorbed into the hair and lasts for a long time with a richer scent.

The more used together, the higher the concentration and lasting power of the fragrance.
DALEAF Better Perfect Shampoo
DALEAF Better Perfect Shampoo + DALEAF Better Perfect Treatment
DALEAF Better Perfect Shampoo + DALEAF Better Perfect Treatment + DALEAF Better Perfect Essence

Dalf's unique fragrance as if it contained nature

Fresh Salt Clean
A fresh and clean scent as if walking among the damp leaves of grass,

Friendly, Kindness, Lively
feeling fresh every day
clean and elegant image
The type that enjoys the watery scent

Intensity: strong
Lasting: strong
Gender: neutral

Floral, Sweet, Fresh, Citur, Musk

Main Accords
Musk Amber
A cozy scent that wraps you in a warm feeling

Watery Aquatic
A fresh and cool fragrance containing the fragrance of grass leaves

Fresh Citrus
Unique fresh and fresh feeling of clean water

Dalyf contains the signature scent of Dalf, which makes your day precious through continuous steering with a French perfumer with 160 years of tradition.

A pleasant scent that lasts all day, choose according to your taste. DALEAF FRAGRANCE MEMORY

Rainy Day
Fresh, Soft, Clean
A clean and refreshing scent like a moist leaf of grass soaked in drizzle

Ylang Rose
Flom, Sweet, Warm
A subtle and attractive fragrance in harmony with the elegance of rose bouquet and the sensual fragrance of ilam ylang

1 minute a day hair therapy
Do not leave any oiliness or stickiness.

Experience the high-quality DALEAF Better Hair Essence with DALEAF Hair Essence's balanced formula, all-day non-sticky, refreshing vegetable oil and low-molecular ingredients that quickly penetrate damaged hair without stickiness.

Moisturizing formula
Fresh feeling

Stickiness test

It is a transparent and light moisture oil formula, so your hair does not become clumpy or sticky even if you apply it frequently.

Healthy hair care chosen by DALEAF 

Even if it is the same ingredient, the absorption power and effect are different depending on the extraction method of the ingredient.
DALEAF Better Perfect Essence was developed with DALEAF's unique technology through in-depth research and numerous tests.

DALEAF 's ingredient technology 01.
Low-temperature fermentation, solid fermentation
In order to protect the ingredients that are good for the skin, the possibility of bacterial growth is reduced by maintaining a low temperature and lowering the moisture content.

Produces useful substances and absorbs quickly with small particles, helping to keep the skin moisturized and lively for a long time

Lactobacillus aloe fermentation filtrate
It makes natural moisturizing factors, similar to the pH of healthy skin, and has excellent moisture retention and moisture absorption.

DALEAF's ingredient technology 02.
Small molecule engineering technology
Hyaluronic acid with a large molecular wave is not absorbed and floats. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is 200 times smaller than general hyaluronic acid, and you can feel true moisture.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
DALEAF's low molecular weight hyaluronic acid does not simply cover the surface, but penetrates deep into the hair to deliver moist moisture.

Hair is tired from various stimuli every day.
"DALEAF cares about your scalp and hair"

Chemical damage such as perm, dyeing, etc.
Too much brushing on stiff hair
hair damage caused by thermal furniture
Environmental damage such as UV rays and sea water

Don't hurt your hair
The average temperature of the hair strip used every day is 120 degrees
The boval is damaged gradually at temperatures above 50 degrees.

Comparison of heat treatment damage
Low-molecular nano ingredients penetrate deep into the hair cuticle and protect it from heat.

Maintain healthy hair with quality ingredients suggested by DALEAF.

Balanced plant energy for a healthy hair environment, providing moisture to hair

Hair moisture coating
The amino acid components that make up the hair form a coating film to protect damaged hair.

Fresh feeling
A fresh feeling of use that does not clump the hair with an appropriate balance of moisture and oil

Rich hair nourishment
Prevents dryness by regulating oil-water balance of brittle hair and feeding nutrients

Check Ingredient

Plant energy found in nature
Hair-friendly oils with condensed plant energy help to strengthen the hair barrier, and form a one-to-one coating film to prevent and protect from splitting.

Olive Oil: Moisturizes hair
Argan Kernel Oil: Conditioning hair
Camellia seed oil: hair protection
Evening Primrose Oil: Helps to improve damaged hair
Avocado Oil: Gives hair shine
Sunflower seed oil: hair elasticity

25 Hair Protein Extracts
Hair protein nutrition
Protein 4, which is a hair component, and extracts of 25 amino acids provide nutrients to damaged hair and make hair lively.

Another green philosophy of DALEAF Better Essence,
Dalf is concerned about the harmful ingredients in the essence used every day.

Make sure you're safe from a reliable DALEAF 
It is produced by a company that has been officially certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for excellent cosmetic manufacturing and quality control standards.

The drug has been tested for skin irritation
Dermatological Test Completed
48 hour skin irritation test result
Determination of 0.00% skin abnormalities and no irritation

Institution: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Period: August 20, 2018 ~ October 1, 2018
Number of test subjects: 33 adult males and females (individual inches available)

Improves luster to damaged hair due to frequent perming and dyeing
Nourishment to rough hair caused by bleaching
Moisturize dry hair

Hair nourishment that fills up the more you apply

Step 1
After shampooing, dry the towel so that the moisture does not come off.

Step 2
Take an appropriate amount and apply essence as if gripping damaged hair.

Step 3
After drying, apply oil to prepare hair.

How much should I use?
It is recommended to use as much as 100 won coins for medium hair, adjust it according to the condition of the hair, and use a hot air balloon after allowing it to be completely absorbed at the tip of the hair.

Your healthy scalp and subtle fragrance
Complete with DALEAF Better Essence.

> Provides smooth hair with vitality and light feeling to damaged hair.
> Various vegetable oils form a moisturizing film on the hair, gently enveloping it and making it shiny all day long.
> This is a daily product for thin and weak hair due to frequent dyeing and hot air ballooning.
> Provides a pleasant image with a subtle fragrance all day long.
> When applied to the hair, it is absorbed deeply and does not leave a sticky feeling after use.

DALEAF 's perfect perfume hair care
The more you use it together, the higher the concentration and durability of the scent.

Step 1.
Perfume Shampoo
Simultaneous care of scalp and hair
Scalp brush
Deep cleansing

Step 2.
Perfume treatment
Silicon-free nutrition for hair once more

Step 3.
Perfume Essence
Moisture coating on damaged hair with healthy hair

Like hair that shines all day, it brightens up your day.
Dalyph Galactomyces Better Essence


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