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Type: Serum & Ampoule


Cosnory No. 1
Eyelash Nutrition Supplement

No. 1 Olive Young
Makeup category 

No.1 Hwahae
Eye Makeup category 

No. 1 Glowpick 
Mascara category 

Easy and reliable
daily care

# Eyelash nutritional supplements

Long Active
Eyelash Serum

#Easy #Perfect #Eyelash

#Perfect Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions,
makeup To strengthen damaged eyelashes,
Richness complete with two touches





# reliable

# daily care



Second half of 2020
Best New Product
No. 1 eyelash nutrition

Cosmetics, let's make a smart purchase.

Second half of 2020 Best New Product No. 1 eyelash nutrition

Long Active Eyelash Serum


Hwahae Real-time sales No. 1 
Hwahae Real-time sales No. 1 (as of 2020.08)

Hwahae No. 1 eyelash nutrition in the second half of 2020
Hwahae Best New Product  eyelash nutrition in the second half of 2020

Olive young No. 1 eyelash nutrition sales
Olive young No. 1 eyelash nutrition sales(as of 2020.11~2021.01)

Naver eyelash nutrition ranking No. 1
Naver eyelash nutrition ranking No. 1(as of 2021.01)



Morning and Evening
Daily Home Care

No makeup face

Nutrition Care for Eyelashes
After Extension Treatment


Did you know that eyelashes fall out through the
Growth-Degradation-Rest just like hair?



Growth period : The period when eyelashes continue to grow.

→ Degradation period : Atrophy period when hair follicles have stopped growing.

→ Rest period : When hair follicles contract and fall out.


Eyelashes grow and fall out according to the cycle, so you can maintain healthy eyelashes especially if you nourish them during the growth period.


01.  Eyelash nourishment without sore

02. Highly concentrated serum daily care

03. Easy and convenient use of the dual brush



No Sore!
Daily Care

With a pH like tears, there is no sore, and the skin hypoallergenic test has been completed. Daily care is possible even after treatment with this oil-free, water-based serum.

Korea Institute of Dermatology/2020.06.09-12/32 people/Human Application Test for Skin Primary Stimulation Evaluation/Individual differences



It is an oil-free water base and can be used after eyelash treatment. With the same pH as tears, you can use it comfortably without dazzling your eyes.


Oil-free water base
A lightweight formulation that can be used without worry after eyelash extensions and is quickly absorbed with a water-like feeling.



A definite highly concentrated serum


Without power and weak eyelashes,
when you need eyelash nutrients

Peptide patented ingredients and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid give elasticity and shine to make strong and rich eyelashes.
* Individual differences


Real review

Review of customers who used it themselves

The under has no strength, and it often falls out and is thin, but it created something from nothing.

The eyelashes get longer and stronger, so it's much better and lasts longer when I use mascara or eyelash curler.

I've got a lot of fine hairs to say 'it's definitely working'.

* There may be individual differences due to customer reviews.



Peptide patented ingredients
Patent No. 10-1578901

The skin-friendly raw material peptide makes the eyebrow hair glossy and gives elasticity to make it strong and plentiful.

Hyaluronic acid
The soft and moist jelly structure gives the hyaluronic acid a long-lasting moisturizing effect to keep the eyelashes moist.

Centella asiatica extract
It fills weakened eyelashes with moisture and nutrition to make them healthy.

Point 03
Easy dual brush

Special design optimized for easy and convenient use
With the familiar c-curl brush and ball tip, easy and reliable nutrition care is possible without any gaps between the eyelashes and the hair root.





. Use a round ball tip to apply a small amount of the contents between the eyelashes hair roots, underlines, and eyebrow lines.



02. Use a C-curl screw brush to sweep the eyelashes from the roots to the ends.


The growth cycle of eyelashes is 7-8 weeks, and we recommend steady using a small amount that can be absorbed lightly.



Eyelash curling and long-lasting up with essence before using mascara!


Nutrition and hydration for eyelashes damaged by eyelash perm and extensions


Use it for empty eyebrows and hairline to take care of troubled areas.



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