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Cellapy A.Repair Body Lotion 340ml

Type: Body Moisturiser

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Cellapy A.Repair Body Lotion 340ml


Fast absorption without stickiness  
Deeply sensitive moisturizing  
#body lotion #sensitive body lotion #4 season body lotion  

Sensitive skin soothing effect   
Moisture 6-layer Moisture Barrier  
Fast absorption without stickiness  

Cellapi A-Repair Body Lotion  
Customer Real Reviews  
Rating 4.8/5 cunm ★★★★★

It's a really satisfying part that it's soft even after time has passed! 100% intention to buy this product... 5 stars.

The spreadability is really superb. So, it absorbs quickly and is not sticky, and I liked it the most out of the body lotions I have used so far.

What will you do with the moisturizing effect after using this once?
I am so satisfied. The scent is so subtle I love it.

I don't use body lotion because it's really annoying, but it's absorbed quickly and it's not sticky, so I think I'll keep using it!

My skin is very dry, so I eat body lotion very quickly, but after using this body lotion, the moisture is alive~ I love it~

I love that it's not sticky!! It smells so good, I'm happy with it

It's not sticky and has a moist finish, which is great!

It smells so good and I'm so happy with it!

Point 01.
Cellapi calming know-how for sensitive body

Cica Peptide, created with Cellapi's own soothing know-how, provides a firm skin soothing effect.

soothing sensitive skin

Centella asiatica extract
Palmitoyl tripeptide-1
Copper tripeptide-1
Point 02.
Carefully selected ingredients effective for moisturizing barrier

It is quickly absorbed without stickiness to dry skin that needs moisture, making it moist and healthy.

Skin barrier protection

Ceramide NP
Skin moisturizing effect

Edelweiss callus culture extract
Skin nutrition supply

Point 03.
6-layer moisturizing effect without dryness

It completes a strong moisturizing barrier with 6 layers of moisture that penetrates densely over dry skin.

6 layers jojoba seed oil
#Inhibition of moisture evaporation

5-ply Ceramide NP
#Moisture barrier reinforcement

4-ply panthenol
#Skin moisturizing effect

3-ply Edelweiss callus culture extract
#Skin nutrition supply

2 layer squalane
#Moisture barrier

1 layer cica webtide
#Soothing sensitive skin

Curiosity about Derma Body lotion of Sensitive people ?

Q1. If the moisture is strong, isn't it sticky?
A. Experience a refreshing finish that is absorbed without stickiness.
Moisture Wrapping System is applied to form a moisture protective film that is quickly absorbed with a texture full of moisture the moment it is applied.

Q2. I have sensitive skin, so I'm worried that the irritation might be strong.
A. Please use it with confidence.
The skin reaction after 24 hours was visually evaluated and the result of the test was "hypoallergenic".

Skin hypoallergenic test completed

6-3. skin irritation result

The researcher visually evaluated the skin reaction after 1 hour and 24 hours after removal of the lungs to determine the skin irritation index and degree of skin irritation of the test product. [Table 4]
[Table 4. Skin irritation index and degree of irritation of test products]

Test product name: Cellapy A.Repair Body Lotion
Skin irritation index: 0.02
Skin irritation level: non-irritating

Soothing Moisturizing A.Repair Body Lotion
I recommend it to such a person!

  • Those with sensitive and dry skin not only on the face but also on the body
  • Those who want moist body lotion without stickiness after shower
  • Those who are looking for a mild, hypoallergenic body lotion that can be used with confidence
  • Those who want a body lotion that not only soothes but also cares for the moisturizing barrier

Soft and refreshing moist lotion texture

A soft lotion type that is full of moisture without stickiness.


After showering or on dry areas, gently apply an appropriate amount and let it absorb.

Get healthy and moist derma body care with Cellapy A.Repair Body Lotion!  

It's even better when we use it together
Cellapy A.Repair Cream Body Wash 500ml

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