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BENTON Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream 50g

Type: Hand Cream & Hand Wash

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BENTON Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream 50g


* BENTON Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream 50g

* Benton tried thinking the other way round. 'How can we try to use less harmful ingredients?' No matter how little the amount of irritating or harmful ingredients, there are many different types of cosmetics that we apply on our face and our skin has a critical point. Once it reaches its critical point, the skin may not be able to bear the burden and become irritated or break out . The original 'CLEAN BEAUTY' brand. Benton has been excluding harmful ingredients fundamentally from planning stages, since 2011. Benton's recipes are based on naturally derived ingredients and Ecocert preservatives. Excluding harmful ingredients, Benton products can be used even on sensitive skin. Please check the ingredients for your skin that cannot speak up.

10 seconds, Best timing for moisturizing Golden time also exists in hand care on Shea EmpressiCare.

Benton hand cream
Experience group satisfaction 94%

It was absorbed into the skin gently and moistly. 100%
After absorption, there was no sticky feeling. 98%
After use, the skin texture is softer than before. 98%

What is the satisfaction level of the Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream from 295 members of the meticulous reconciliation survey?

I felt gentle 97%
My skin feels comfortable 96%
I want to use it when I need moisture 95%
Skin texture is smoother 94%
Moisturizes for a long time 93%

Softness you don't want to miss
Shea butter and coconut oil with excellent moisturizing power are absorbed into the skin to deliver deep moisture and make dry hands moist and soft.

Fine hand care
It contains adenosine, a wrinkle-improving functional ingredient, to help maintain smooth hands by not only moisturizing but also managing wrinkles and elasticity.

Naturally derived healthy hand cream
It is a healthy hand cream that helps to maintain healthy skin by preventing skin damage with a vegetable protective film such as Ecocerto Shea Butter and organic coconut oil.

Hypoallergenic, slightly acidic pH care
Hypoallergenic test completed so that even sensitive skin is not burdened!
It helps to maintain healthy skin through skin balance care with a non-acidic pH similar to a healthy skin environment.

Healthy hand cream full of natural ingredients
#Skin protection #skin elasticity #conditioning #moisture care

Shea butter
Skin protection/moisturization/elasticity
Used in barren desert areas, shea butter is evolutionary to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss and damage.

Coconut oil
Moisture evaporation blocking / skin protection / conditioning
Prevents skin moisture from evaporating and forms an oil and moisture protective film on the skin to protect the skin

Sunflower seed oil
Nutrition/Means Evaporation Prevention/Skin Protection
Contains sunflower seed oil rich in beneficial ingredients to help nourish the skin

365 days high moisturizing hand care

Rough skin texture due to moisture loss
Delivers rich moisture
Soft skin texture after absorption

With a slightly acidic (non-acidic) pH similar to a healthy skin environment, it helps to maintain skin balance and protects fragile skin.

Check out the vegan mark!
It is a healthy vegan product that has been officially certified by The Vegan Society in the UK and has passed strict standards and examinations.

Mild hand cream hypoallergenic test completed

Testing institution: KC Skin Clinical Research Center
Test period: 17.11.15.-17.11.17
Test subjects: 30 women aged 19 and 59
*There may be individual differences
Test result: skin irritation index 0,00

Shea Butter & Coconut Hand Cream has a skin irritation index of 0.00 and is judged as a non-irritating product.

Two ingredients for worldly-happy hands

Skin protection properties
MultiEx BSASM Plus
Patent No. 10-0812596
Patent holder: Biospectrum

Wrinkle improvement function
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Functional Report

Please take good care of hand care that can be neglected!

Soft creamy formula with viscosity

Subtle Coconut Scent

Moisture test
Shea Butter & Coconut Hand Cream forms a highly moisturizing protective film to help keep your hands moist and soft.

Moisture build up, oxidation, river fluctuations

1 hour after regular apple
Moisture Evaporation Oxidation Browning
Dry because there is no moisture film

1 hour after Apple with hand cream
Prevent moisture evaporation
Moisture film to keep moist

Stickiness test
Shea Butter & Coconut Hand Cream forms a moisture barrier and helps to retain moisture for a long time without any residue.

It is absorbed without stickiness and gives soft and smooth skin texture.

* The above test is a self-test to help understand the product, and there are individual differences.

Recommended skin
Nonstop hand washing, 365 days of high moisture care

Those who need moisture management with dry and flaky hands
Those who are concerned about hand wrinkles because they use their hands a lot
Those who want a non-sticky, highly moisturizing hand key cream
[TIP] When washing your hands, use lukewarm water rather than hot water to reduce skin irritation.

Take an appropriate amount of hand cream on clean hands and allow it to be widely absorbed.

Hand cream that I want.

Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream
Product: High moisturizing care specialized for drying
Function: Wrinkle improvement function
Scent: Subtle coconut scent
Formulation: Soft cream with viscosity

Shea Butter and Olive Hand Cream
Product: 365 days free daily care
Functional : -
Scent: Refreshing essential scent
Form: Moisture-filled, creamy formula

Hand cream tips
Nail pack
After nail care, apply hand cream on damaged nails and around nails.

Hand pack
Before going to sleep, apply a generous amount of hand cream on clean hands, then wear plastic gloves to gently care for your hands.

If you look at the ingredients, not the brand or price, you can see the quality.


20 caution ingredients, volatile alcohol, silicone, and other harmful and controversial ingredients

Purified water, shea butter (20%), caprylic/capric triglyceride, glycerin, methyl propanediol, coconut palm oil (3%), cetearyl alcohol, pentylene glycol, cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, sunflower seed oil, centella asiatica extract, golden extract, rhododendron root extract, Spanish licorice root extract, green tea extract, rosemary leaf extract, matricaria flower extract, shea butter extract, 1.2-hexanediol, chrysanthemum fruit Extract, Halmi flower extract, Usnia extract, butylene glycol, carbomer, arginine, xanthan gum, adenosine

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2. Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream 50g
3. Shea Butter and Olive Hand Cream 50g 

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