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Bella Cuisine Electric Wine Opener

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* Bella Cuisine  Electric Wine Opener

* Electric Wine Opener 

Size : Width 46cm , Height 23.3cm
Composition : Vibrating wine opener, foil cutter
Rated input : DC 6V (1.5V * 4EA)
Texture :
Exterior - stainless steel, plastic
Screw - Carbon Steel
Base and Foil Cutter - ABS

* It is an electric wine opener composed of safety and convenience so that even beginners can easily use wine corks, which are difficult to pick.
It is battery operated, so it is more convenient to use.

* Opener pedestal and foil cutter
It is the base of the opener and the foil cutter.
It is a foil cutter that serves as a safe support and can remove the foil cleanly and easily.

* After holding the wine bottle and inserting the foil cutter on the bottle, press it with force and turn it left and right to remove the foil.
When the foil is peeled off, remove the cork so that the cork is completely visible.

1. Hold the wine bottle with one hand so that it is in line with the body.
(At this time, press firmly so that the screw is fully inserted into the cork)

2. Push the bottom switch to insert the screw into the cork.

3. Continue to press the cork until it automatically disengages completely.

4. When separated, remove the main body from the wine bottle and press the upper switch again to remove the cork from the screw.

* Point 1 
- Battery electric opener
Using 4 AA alkaline batteries, you can easily use the opener with a battery type instead of a wired one.

* Point 2 
- Foil cutter for base
A foil cutter is included at the bottom of the fine opener to double as a stand, so it serves as a safe support and is convenient for storage.

* Point 3
- Separation process through transparent body
With a blue light inside the transparent body, you can see the process of the screw separating the wine bottle.

* Point 4 
- Robust and simple stainless steel housing structure
The stainless steel housing structure represents not only the material but also the robust and simple design.

* Notification
01. Never touch the screw during operation.

02. Keep out of reach of infants and young children.

03. Any use other than the intended use is prohibited.

04. Be careful not to let water or liquid enter to prevent malfunction.

05. Do not disassemble or modify the product. It may cause malfunction and accidents.

06. Battery is not included.

07. This product is manufactured for household use, so please avoid excessive continuous use.

08. It has passed the electromagnetic wave test according to the radio wave law and is a registered product suitable for the National Radio Research Institute. (Conformity registration number R-R-1vs-G10188)

※ Please use it after fully understanding these matters.




Bella CuisineElectric Wine Opener

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