Ameli Sweet Diamond 172 Wedding Bouquet

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* Ameli Sweet Diamond 172 Wedding BouquetAmelie's #1 selling eyeshadowUnparalleled quality of gold roseA splash of elegant gold and vintage rosesAmelie Legendary bestseller among countless eyeshadowsGlitter of gold and pink that spreads and sticks1.6g4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cmSweet Diamond...


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* Ameli Sweet Diamond 172 Wedding Bouquet

Amelie's #1 selling eyeshadow
Unparalleled quality of gold rose
A splash of elegant gold and vintage roses

Amelie Legendary bestseller among countless eyeshadows
Glitter of gold and pink that spreads and sticks

4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm

Sweet Diamond is a shimmering, high-gloss pearl eyeshadow.
It has excellent adhesion, so there is almost no dusting.

Calm and Hip
Rare Pink Makeup

[Amelie X Newmelli]
In delicate pale pink glitter
clear gold powder

Using the rose gold color 172 wedding bouquet with gold pearls, I will put pearls in the center of the eyes and on the cheekbones. With a very slim brush, apply a small amount only to the bangs of the eyes and the cheekbones to create dazzling, dazzling eyes. As it is Amelie's No. 1 selling color, it is an indispensable life item for warm tones. This spring, create deep eyes with the Rose Gold Color 172 Wedding Bouquet.

- 더빛날 @thebitnaal

[Amelie X Newmelli]
It's not overdone, but the presence is definitely there!
Incomparable elegant and charming flesh color

*Combination cool tone type skin, female college student in her 20s
-At that time, there were many similar products with the motif of the 172 wedding bouquet from other brands, but the one that survived to the end was the original 172 wedding bouquet! The pink base contains gold pearls to give volume, but the gold pearls are not so prominent that it overwhelms the pink color, so it is well balanced with the pink base, so it is good for daily use♡ 244 Both products are compatible with Vintage Valentine If you have one, try combining them together*.* You can easily make pretty eye makeup!
- 핑크문 @pinkmoon_cos

Two colors, elegant pink and delicate beige gold, create a luxurious atmosphere. It's not overdone, but the color has a certain presence! I think it's a good rose gold color to use even for people who are usually burdened with aegyosal makeup. If you need a color that will liven up and make you elegant, the 172 Wedding Bouquet!

-Amelie's new employee Kim

Sweet Diamond Eyeshadow

High gloss diffuse reflection shimmering pearl!
Sweet Diamond contains high-gloss diffusely reflective shimmering pearls that change color depending on the direction of light to provide a richer sparkle.

Double color effect! Lights and colors that intersect subtly
Sweet Diamond mixes light pigments with different reflectance and absorption rates, allowing you to experience subtle intersecting light and color.

Excellent adhesion! Stain-free powder
Sweet Diamond contains Sebum Control Podwer to maintain color without stains, and is manufactured with an impact stabilization system for excellent adhesion and almost no dusting.


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