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Type: Eyeshadow

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Amelie's wool ink makeup essential color
A soft and calm faded rose
Elegance and noble rose color without failure

Not too pink and not too red
It is a color that anyone can easily apply.

It is a gentle rose color that is easy to handle.
A rose color that spreads softly without glossiness.
Calm coral and rose together give a powdery feeling.


4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm

Step Basic is the most basic base line in makeup.
It is a multiple item that can be used as shadow, highlighter, blush, and shading.

Makeup that expresses emotions
Key color
244 Vintage Valentine

Tears in my eyes that were red as if they were going to cry at any moment.

It's hard to find this color
It was difficult!

There is no such color under the sky
It's a really pretty color that you can't see in road shops.
It's not a waste of money.

Crying naturally? It creates a reddish color like rubbing your eyes.
I like it because it's natural.

I have cool-toned skin, but it's pink, not warm.
My eyes don't look swollen and I like it! The color lasts long and is beautiful.

Perfect for cool tones! It's totally daily. I believe in Amelie Shadow.

I bought it because the makeup looked so pretty.
It's the first time I've used this red color.
It is used well with a small amount, giving a soft red feeling.
It's so pretty! It's not burdensome and it's pretty, so I think I'll buy it again if I use it all up.

It was really hard to find this color!
It's not toned down, it's bright pink, so I like it
I'm young, but it's received well and the color is really good ^_^

Pretty...  Vintage Valentine's Day + Ballerina + Wedding Bouquet Combination Fantastic

I like it so much
without looking swollen
yuri yuri
just the color i wanted

A soft and calm faded rose
Elegance without failure, elegant rose color
It is easy to handle and spreads smoothly.

Gradient wider than narrow
When the color gradually spreads like watercolor

#Maximize the feeling of crying make-up

"It makes your eyes red as if you're about to cry.
I used non-pearl shadow and Step Basic 244 vintage valentine.

When applied, it is expressed as if it spreads by gradation to a wide area.
In particular, it does not feel greasy even when used as a blusher.
The bright white color is really pretty. "

- The brighter day @thebitnaal

How to use
How do you do a teary makeup?

Like when the heroine in the drama cries.
A pale transparent complexion.
Slightly red eyes and tears.
The color of the slightly trembling cheek rises.

I want to hug you. I want to cry with you.

01. To express pale and clear skin, apply Cushion 000 Beksul, a pure white color that is not mixed with anything, all over.
02. Apply Cushion 000 Beksul once more to the bridge of the nose, butterfly zone, and the center of the forehead to increase the three-dimensional effect.
03. Apply 244 Vintage Valentine, a red color that has been drained of water, on the entire eyelid to express the redness of crying.
04. Apply 244 Vintage Valentine on both cheeks, and apply a small amount on the lower part as if it almost touches the eye area.
05. For the lip color, choose 827 Burgundy, which makes the skin look paler. Apply it clumsily and then smooth it out a bit!
06. If you apply a small amount of 640 Eve's Apple on top of it, you can add a more intense mood. This is optional!


It's different from hangover makeup!
While hangover makeup emphasizes the cheek area and expresses it red,
Crying make-up protects the eye area such as tears and eyelids.
Concentrates on red.

Step Basic Eyeshadow

Silky soft texture!
Step Basic refines fine-grained raw materials to provide a silky soft texture. The soft touch that your fingertips feel first spreads over your eyes.

Lightly stick! Long-lasting, high-adhesion shadows
Step Basic applies a high-adhesion blinder system and a long-lasting color effect system, so it has excellent adhesion and lasts for a long time.

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