Ameli Step Basic 243 Macaron Gray 1.9g

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*Ameli Step Basic 243 Macaron Gray 1.9g -Another legend, Amelie.Non-replaceable shading shadow, No. 1 in nose shading!taupe with warm beige.The most natural shadow color.The magic of shading by the color of cement.


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*Ameli Step Basic 243 Macaron Gray 1.9g 

Another legend, Amelie.
Non-replaceable shading shadow, No. 1 in nose shading!
taupe with warm beige
The most natural shadow color
The magic of shading by the color of cement

4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm

Step Basic is the most basic base line in makeup.
This is a multiple item that can be used as shadow, highlighter, blush, and shading.

The most natural shadow on the skin
No. 1 in nose shading!
The standard of nose shading, macaron gray

7 years since the first appearance in 2013
best seller! A classic!

“Sometimes it’s not right, maybe it’s right…
But has your nose become narrower?”

"Cente color mixed with beige, macaron gray,
How about using it as a nose shading item?
Oh my! Awesome! The bridge of my nose is so natural!
Everyone, make sure to buy this!"

It's not the popularity that was intentionally created through marketing.
Many people actually try it and word of mouth spreads little by little.
243 Macaron Gray, which has become the standard for shading.

"This is more obvious than macaron gray".
"It's not the same as macaron gray".
"Is there anything natural like macaron gray?"”

People talk about it like this.
The most natural shading item, 243 Macaron Gray.

[Amelie X Newmelli]
Pink Moon Macaron Gray
Why I wrote it for 3 years
(A college student in her 20s with combination, cool-toned skin type)

-Other companies' cool tone shading.
It's a brown base with a gray color.
Unlike the artificial look, 243 Macaron Gray...
It has a strong pure grayish brown natural feeling.

It's not that I dyed my hair.
It's a shade color that looks like it's from the shadow.
No matter how you apply it on your skin,
It permeates into the shadow very naturally.

As a person who has been using 243 Macaron Gray for 3 years
Personally, in nose shading
Because I think that the true value of 243 Macaron Gray is displayed,
For those who like to make a nose or brows
I really recommend Macaron Gray!

In particular, even if you have been shading in the meantime, have you felt that something is lacking?
Rather, those who felt that their skin looked more messy,
Be sure to try 243 Macaron Gray.
You will be able to meet a new shape of the nose!

Mysterious nose shading like a real shadow
Macaron Gray
Asian skin tone nose shading
Macaron Gray is perfect!
Many K-beauty brands
They release a lot of gray-brown shading,
closest to the gray
Amelie's #MacaronGray.

If nose shading makes you look too
It can look artificial
Adjusting the amount is important, and the color is also important.
Amelie 243 Macaron Gray
It's a gray color that suits Asian skin.
It's amazingly like a real shadow
It's so good to be directed.

If you want natural nose shading
Try it out with macaron gray.


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