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Type: Serum & Ampoule


Explosion of testimonies!!
A second-generation soothing serum that cares for traces
estra aicica 365 trace calming serum

It's okay to calm down, but even the traces have been opened?

Effectiveness proven by real reviews!
Rating 4.9 points! Appreciation pouring in since launch

It's really fades. Are you saying that the calming serum takes care of the traces?
I applied it with a little disbelief, but I'm really satisfied

As the skin itself became clearer, the blemishes became clearer!

I highly recommend it. Moisturizes and soothes well, and my skin is getting better the next day.

It is so good because it has a gentle feeling and holds it well in the inside.

I am satisfied with the temporary relief of redness and improved skin texture.

I am satisfied with the temporary relief of redness and improved skin texture.

Changes in skin tone to make the complexion look much better and look cleaner

Calm is powerful, traces are clean

Serum that calms down the traces

estra aicica 365 trace calming serum

There may be individual differences Skin improvement expulsion

Calm down for sure every day:
Skin damage * 130% improvement effect with just one use

Clean up to the traces:
Effect of blemish-mark care after 2 weeks of use

The barriers are getting stronger:
80% improvement in barrier function
I want to quickly soothe sensitive skin due to irritation
The traces after calming down are so worrying

I need a fresh, moist product that I can use every day.
No matter what product I use, it doesn't really have a sedative effect.

Aestura developed the Acica Serum to solve these problems.

130% improvement in damage with just one use
To protect the damaged skin from micro-stimulation in daily life, make sure to calm down every day!

After reconstructing the environment that simulates the stimulation we receive in our daily life (cold air / warm air / mask wearing conditions), we temporarily stimulated the skin, and then tried using Acica Serum. As a result!

Temporary redness improvement by 52% with just one use

176% improvement in skin temperature with just one use

130% improvement in rough skin texture with just one use

Care until traces when used for more than 2 weeks

Contains 2% of niacinamide, so if you use it continuously for 2 weeks or more, even the traces of sensitivity that do not disappear even after calming down are taken care of!

80% improvement in skin barrier in 1 week!
The more you use it every day, the healthier your skin barrier improves, and the damaged skin barrier improves by 80% in just one week!

Acica, different from the cica ingredient!
Aestra's unique derma soothing solution that adds specialized soothing ingredients to CICA BPM, an independent raw material that considers 3 factors for effective soothing

CICA BPM TM (common ingredient in the Aicica line)
Niacinamide (Blemish Trace Care Ingredients)

Aestra's independently developed soothing cica ingredient, CICA BPM TM
Aestra's exclusive ingredients that combine the three necessary elements for true soothing
Bonment creation

Soothe sensitive areas

Skin barrier repair
beta glucan
Moisture environment creation
A soothing ingredient that creates a moist environment with polysaccharides extracted from the mycelium of the Chima mushroom

Soothe sensitive areas
A soothing ingredient that relieves sensitive symptoms with plant sterol ingredients

Skin barrier repair
A soothing ingredient that takes care of the damaged skin barrier with ingredients extracted from Centella asiatica.

Deeply break the highly concentrated ingredients into small pieces!

Patented micro-zoom technique!
Microsome 79% high content!

Patented absorption technology, micro dome method
*Application No. 10-2001.20022078

Aestra's own technology that quickly delivers active ingredients to the skin by breaking the highly concentrated CICA BPM ™ into 1/8000 the size of hair and 1/20,000 the size of pores

Absorbs deeper and faster into the skin
218% UP in barrier improvement when used with cream

4 major skin safety tests completed

Based on Astra's standards, it was born more 'derma-like'

ACICA 365 Trace Calming Serum
Skin safety test

Dermatology test
Over 30 adults 48 hours patch test under the supervision of a dermatologist at a university hospital
Check for 48 hours stimulation

Allergy test
Allergy induced after cumulative application to the same site 9 times for 56 adults

Sensitive skin patch test
More than 30 people with sensitive skin 24 hour patch test confirmed

Tested for use on acne prone skin
After 4 weeks of use, it is confirmed that it is a cosmetic suitable for acne-prone skin that does not clog pores.

60 days of verification;
Born through 138 participants
# Relief Calm Acica Trace Calming Serum



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