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Acnes Moisture Fluid 150ml

Type: Moisturizer

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Acnes Moisture Fluid 150ml


DEEP-care every day with the power of superpowers
NEW Acnes Moisture Fluid

#Acnes moisture lotion
#Daily DEEP care
#Three components of liposomalization
#Speed soothing

Moisture barrier care
Zinc Alpha Complex

Cooling moisture
Hyaluronic acid

Speed calm
Tea tree
Centella Asiatica 


Point 1
Speed soothing care lotion with liposomalized 3 ingredients

Eoseongcho Extract
Tea tree extract
Centella asiatica extract

King of skin soothing
Omnidirectional care for irritated and irritated skin with three ingredients




The three soothing ingredients obtained from nature are finely liposomed and delivered quickly and accurately to the skin.

What are Liposomes?
In order to increase the absorption and adhesion rate of active ingredients, it is a technology that enhances skin-friendliness by covering capsules with ingredients similar to skin.

*The above information is limited to raw material characteristics 




Point 2
Acne-prone skin suitability test completed
Acne skin is also moist - Moisturizing

It is a product that does not clog pores and can be used safely on sensitive and acne-prone skin. 




Catchers reduced by 23.43%

After 4 weeks of product use
Not only reducing the number of comedones, but also relieving dead skin cells!




Point 3
Skin hypoallergenic test completed
It was used by more than 30 adult men and women, and as a result of measuring skin irritation, it was judged to be a 'low irritation' product. 





After 4 weeks, compared to the cheek area before using dead skin cells
16.5% reduction

After using the product, white dead skin cells were reduced.
Blackheads and whiteheads seem to have decreased after using the product
It seems to help soothe the skin after using the product.
After using the product, it helped to solve my skin problems.
Helped replenish skin moisture after using the product



Point 4
Moisturizing is UP
DOWN unnecessary oil
Hyaluronic Acid X Panthenol

It leaves the moisture needed for oily/combination skin and relieves unnecessary shine. 




Point 5
Essence + lotion = fluid formulation
Freshly applied and quickly absorbed




DEEP-care every day

Acnes oily combination skin care line

Sebum Balancing Skin 2.0
Skin texture & dead skin care refreshing toner

Moisture fluid
Moisturizing non-sticky lotion

Moisture Cream 2.0
Calm Care Soobuji Cream

Spot clear cream patch
Emergency care for troubled areas

Acnes Moisture Fluid Ingredients
Minate Single Seed Oil, Queensland Nut Oil, Boo, Tea Tree Man Evil 10 Maid Piece/Doraur Crow Ste Dongseo Roose, Mofil Hydrogenated Lecithin, White Luronate Cross Polymer, Hydrolyzed Misaricanth, Hydroxide Glide 




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