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Daily use dryer
Don't waste your time now!

The JMW monster grade dryer will save your precious time.

M5001A PLUS, the world's first ultra-strong hair dryer with an aircraft motor
BLDC motor mounted
World's first BLDC aircraft motor

A different wind
Strong wind that is different from general DC motors

Black & gold
Luxurious color and design
Wear-free BLDC motor
Semi-permanent premium dryer

Product Features

Functional Power Nozzle
You can create more stylish styling with the concentrated nozzle.

BLDC Aircraft Motor
JMW's patented green motor has more than doubled drying time.

PUSH LOCK button
The hassle of constantly pressing the button to use the cold air has been completely eliminated.

Comfortable grip
Ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your hand. tail

Impregnant soft cord
It is easy to manage with JMW's unique anti-tangle soft cord.

Point 01

World's first, air motor in dryer
JMW with super strong BLDC motor

BLDC Air Motor Dryer M5001A PLUS

A BLDC motor is a brushless motor that uses an electronic circuit instead of the brush used in the conventional DC motor.
It is an eco-friendly dryer with no micro-hazardous substances generated due to abrasion of the brush, and the lifespan of the product is improved by more than 10 times, boasting a semi-permanent lifespan, reducing vibration and improving energy efficiency by more than 80%.

Point 02

A strong wind that's at another level
5 times stronger monster-class wind force

strong wind
Time-saving and fast work progress with twice as strong wind as compared to other companies

Perfect cold air implementation
Keeps hair moisture with a completely cold product that completely blocks mild heat

Semi-permanent lifespan
15 times longer than AC motor and 30 times longer than DC motor

Blocking micro-hazardous substances
Unlike conventional dryers, there is no brush abrasion, so carbon is blocked.

High energy efficiency
About 37.5% higher energy efficiency than AC motors
About 68.7% higher energy efficiency than DC motors

Comparison of hair dryer wind speed (unit: m/s)
BLDC (JMW) 11.5
DC (JMW) 8.0

Test-proven super strong winds 
8.0 Long Hair Even thick hair dries quickly and perfectly in a short time.

Point 03

easy and simple separation
More hygienic with easy cleaning

If foreign matter gets stuck in the suction network, it may be unsanitary and lead to lower wind speed and malfunction. It can be cleaned periodically by simple separation, so it can be used more hygienically.

Point 04

One-click PUSH LOCK!
Instant 180 degree temperature change

Push Lock that does not need to be pressed continuously
Controlled Velocity : 2 Steps

If you dry your hair only with hot air, all the moisture in the hair is blown away, so it is important to keep the moisture in the hair with the cold air and protect the hair from heat damage. The motor and heater operate independently, and cold air is immediately discharged. At the time of conversion, there is no heat generated at all, so it maintains moisture in the hair and makes healthy hair.
Point 05

Safety design considering health with the thought of using it for my family as well

It is 0.7mG, which is lower than the electromagnetic wave level of 2.5mG, which does not affect the human body, and the double safety device of bimetal and thermal fuse is applied to prevent electrical accidents.

JMW is taking the lead in developing differentiated new technologies through optimized development and establishment of production infrastructure.

Point 06

Add luxury with black & gold
Uplift your mood with luxurious colors and designs!
Feel the joy of styling every morning.
M5004A PLUS is a premium hair dryer that is highly recommended for office workers who do not have enough time to prepare, those who are concerned about lack of shine, and those who want to maintain healthy hair.

Product Name: JMW Hair Dryer
Model Name: M5001A PLUS
Rated power consumption: 220V 60Hz
Rated power consumption: 1650W
Weight: 430g (excluding cord)
Size : 301mm x 284mm x 78mm
Cord length: 2m
Temperature control: warm air V cold air (PUSH LOCK SWITCH)
Wind speed control: OFF + LOW HIGH
Manufacturer: JMW (JMW)
Country of manufacture : Made in Korea
KC Certification: JH07496-17001C MSIP-REM JMW-MS6000





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