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BRMUD Recovery Mud Pact to Foam Cleanser 110ml

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* BRMUD Recovery Mud Pact to Foam Cleanser 110ml 

* Mud pack and cleanser at once - Multi Cleanser
Makeup cleaning effect - 99.18%
Fine dust cleaning effect - 99.08%
Sunscreen cleaning effect - 97.91%
Slightly acidic cleanser pH5.5

* Evaluated by the Reconciliation Questionnaire
- 99% satisfaction with cleaning power
- 95% skin texture improvement
- Easy to use 95%
- 95% bubble satisfaction
- It seems that dead skin cells are reduced 92%

* The microscopic foam containing ultra-fine Boryeong mud powder is deeply cleansed from various harmful substances and invisible pores to complete a clear and clean skin base.

* If you want skin like a jewel, borrow the power of mud,
Dramatic skin improvement effect is not difficult.
- 16 clinically verified makeup and fine dust. Sunscreen cleaning effect.
- Strong waste/skin adsorption of natural mud collected from Boryeong tidal flats.
- Slightly acidic/all ingredients EWG GREEN skin hypoallergenic test completed, comfortable to use (as of 2021.06.31)

* Review of the fact-to-foam cleanser loved by consumers
- Rating 4.8

* Skin base that changes just by washing your face

Multi-cleansing with mud pack function added to cleansing foam

* POINT 1 
Refreshing deep cleansing with 99% proven cleansing power after completing 16 clinical tests.
- With just one use, more than 99% of makeup and fine dust can be washed away, and the rich mud foam removes dead skin cells to gently deep clean the skin, even deep into the pores.
- Fine dust cleaning improvement 99.08%
- Makeup cleaning 99.18%
- 97.91% of sunscreen cleaning

Even the blind spots in the invisible pores absorb wastes with the strong power of Boryeong Mud.
Made with BRMUD's special manufacturing method*, 1/40 ultra-fine particles of Boryeong Mud Powder's strong adsorption power meticulously cares for pores, providing the effect of a mud pack just by cleansing.

* 8,000-14,000 mesh ultra-fine Boryeong mud powder particles

- Sebum & waste cleansing 24.40%
Blackheads improved 28.99%
Whitehead improvement 17.57%
Pore area improvement 38.81%
Pore skin improvement 37.49%
Pore density improvement 25.12%
Pore count improved 24.17%
Pore depth improvement 16.14%

Mild and moist MUD RECIPE that creates a balanced skin environment
- 93% of natural ingredients, pH 5.5 (±1.0) slightly acidic cleansing foam that can cleanse mildly, and even completed a skin irritation test so that you can use it without worrying about troubled skin.

-Complete with clear and soft skin texture without any disturbance

* POINT 4 
Start with mud pack and finish with cleansing foam
Pore skin care that ends with cleansing

It is a transforming formula that transforms into a mud pack when applied and a cleansing foam when wet, providing a pore care and skin care booster effect by removing impurities in the pores with just one wash without tiring the skin.
- Skin moisturizing improvement 88.17%
- Antibacterial effect 84.18%
- Skin texture improvement 15.15%

* From Boryeong 
Pure natural "Boryeong Mud" obtained after 290 days of waiting

On the west coast, there is the Boryeong tidal flat that stretches along the 136 km coastline.
Boryeong Mud, which has already been recognized through the Mud Festival, a global festival, is a valuable natural resource that contains numerous minerals and organic matter.
BEM Mud pays attention to the numerous effects of Boryeong mud and uses 100% Boryeong mud powder made with 290 days of hard work and tenacity through the process of collection, cleaning, sterilization, and testing.

* Pact to Foam Cleanser Recipe
- Adsorption of waste
- Naturally derived surfactant
- Stabilization Aid & Preservation
- Skin protection & nutrition
- Stabilizing ingredients
- moisturizing ingredients

* How To Use 
When washing your face, take an appropriate amount, gently massage the entire face, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

- When used as a pack
Apply it on a dry face and wash your face after about 1 minute, which is the time to absorb waste and sebum, and you can create smoother and clearer skin.

* Check before use
Q.How many minutes do I need immediately if I use it as a pack?
- Enjoy a rest period of at least 1-3 minutes on a dry face, which is the time when the ultra-fine Boryeong mud can fully act as a cleanser and moisturizer.

Q. Is it possible to wash heavy makeup?
- In the case of makeup and sunscreen, powerful cleansing is possible with one use, but in the case of waterproof products and heavy makeup, it is recommended to use it after the first cleansing.

Q. It smells like artificial incense.
- In the case of the Recovery Mud Pack to Foam Cleanser, experience the scent and depth of the original mud scent without artificial fragrances or artificial colors.

Q. Is it a weakly acidic cleansing foam?
- The pH 5.5 (±1.0) product is a slightly acidic cleansing foam, but according to the Cosmetics Notification Act 2021, the existing weakly acidic indication has been changed to “slightly acidic” and is described as a slightly acidic cleansing foam.

Q. Can I use it for morning cleansing?
- This product is a slightly acidic mud cleansing foam that can be used daily and can be used casually in the morning.



BRMUD Recovery Mud Pact to Foam Cleanser 110ml

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