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Holistic Formula

Sulwhasoo’s skincare focuses on finding and addressing the cause of skin problems, as well as treating visible signs of aging.

Holistic Experience

Sulwhasoo presents beauty that finds harmony of body and mind, inside and out. Holistic beauty is completed with natural fragrances, smooth textures, and beauty rituals that awaken your five senses, and unique holistic care products that balance the body and mind.


Harmony and Balance

The heart of Korean herbal medicine is the profound wisdom of Asia, our faith in a belief that we are one with nature. Just as everything in nature’s ecosystems circulates in balance, all our body’s parts are interconnected. For Korean herbal medicine, restoring balance and creating harmony is vital for our body. The foundation of Sulwhasoo’s ideal beauty is Korean herbal medicine inspired by Asian wisdom.


The Holistic Beauty Journey

Korean Herbal Medicine Drawn from Asian Wisdom

Our journey to holistic beauty originates from this heritage of treasured knowledge that carefully treats the body and mind as one, an understanding that a single herb alone never suffices. We seek and combine only the best natural herbs using time-tested methods, extracting synergies and benefits from nature to conjure the true ideal of holistic beauty. Sulwhasoo empowers women to care deeply for their health and beauty with holistic rituals to help them regain harmony and balance.

Signature Ingredients
JAUM Activator™

Using the latest technology, Sulwhasoo’s analysis revealed skin imbalance as the main cause of skin-aging. JAUM Activator™ is Sulwhasoo’s unique solution designed to balance the skin and help provide care for the signs of aging.

Among over three thousand ingredients found in several ancient studies in Korean herbal medicine, five key ingredients were carefully selected to create synergy for optimal skin balance. 

These ingredients synergize and care for the skin’s replenishment, vitality, nourishment, clarity and elasticity.

Peony replenishes skin’s visible appearance, while Scared Lotus enhances vitality.

Solomon’s Seal provides nourishment and White lily brings out skin’s translucent clarity. 

Rehmannia provides elasticity and strength.

Korean Ginseng

As one of Asia’s most precious medicinal herb, ginseng is renowned for its many efficacies. It symbolizes Sulwhasoo’s rich history as well as its latest innovations that provide the ultimate skin care solutions. Ginseng provides restoratives properties, gives us renewed emery, and infuses our skin with vitality.

50 Years of Ginsenomics™

At Sulwhasoo, we have been the pioneer in Ginseng research for over 50 years. Through Bio-conversion Technology™, we are able to extract skin-related efficacies only found in small amounts in Ginseng. Ginsenomics™, our proprietary ginseng beauty saponin, helps to visibly improve wrinkles and elasticity and holds the powerful ability to promote a more revitalized complexion.


Researching the ginseng root, Sulwhasoo discovered various efficacious components hidden within ginseng’s saponin. Sulwhasoo’s distinguished research led to the development of the first ever ginseng-based anti-aging and skin brightening components.

Leaf and Steam

Beneficial properties that help skin regain visible firmness and protect against other harmful factors are found in the ginseng leaf and stem. Sulwhasoo uses a special method to harvest ginseng leaves and stems in greenhouses equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Flower and Fruit

Ginseng plants generally require 4 years to bear ginseng fruit. Sulwhasoo collects precious Ginsenoside Re from the ginseng flower, which is rich in energy before it bears fruit. The Ginsenoside Re component creates synergy with the efficacies found in the ginseng root to enhance skin strength, preventing visible skin aging.

Red Pine

Red pine symbolizes strength and nobility. Standing tall with intricate growth rings, the red pine was highly recognized as strong lumbar, and was used to build traditional Korean palaces. With the thousand years of strong vitality and the lush greenness of the red pine, Sulwhasoo’s new journey to anti-aging begins. De-aging Active component (DAA) is a rare ingredient that can only be extracted in small amounts from precious red pine. Sulwhasoo developed a POJE Optimizing Process™ called the Red Pine Concentration Process™ which uses 11 careful steps to extract it.

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