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“Inspired by Nature”

Plu carefully selects only reliable natural ingredients,
Based on proprietary formulation technology optimized for human skin,
It is a 'naturalism brand' that delivers ingredients to the skin without irritation.

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[plu] Body Scrub The Premium Herb 200g
Regular price$26.03 USD$19.52 USD
[plu] Scrub Wash Raspberry Mint 500g
Regular price$30.56 USD$22.92 USD
[plu] Brightening Peeling Gel Peach 100g
Regular price$30.34 USD$22.76 USD
[plu] Honey Sugar Facial Scrub 70g
Regular price$23.87 USD$17.90 USD
[plu] Bodybalance Scrub The Premium Edition 180g
Regular price$23.87 USD$17.90 USD
[plu] Body balance scrub 180g
Regular price$23.87 USD$17.90 USD
[plu] Scrub Wash Grapefruit Peach 500g
Regular price$32.72 USD$24.54 USD
[plu] Scrub Wash Lime Grape 500g
Regular price$33.00 USD$24.75 USD
[plu] Moisture Peeling Gel Rose Hip Oil 100g
Regular price$31.00 USD$23.25 USD
[plu] Nature and Perfume Shampoo 1000ml
Regular price$45.00 USD$33.75 USD
[plu] Body Scrub Original200ml
Regular price$35.00 USD$26.25 USD

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