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PRO-CHANGE BLACK SHAMPOOFOR WHITE HAIR & HAIR LOSS CAREThe ultimate solution toa healthy scalp and hairFrom nature’s antioxidationprinciplesMODA MODA researched ways of maintaining ahealthy scalp and hair from nature.We found a solution in nature’s antioxidationprinciples, which can be seen in the browning offruits and vegetables.


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Black Change

This isn't just to save money, it's for health.


The ultimate solution to a healthy scalp and hair From nature’s antioxidation principles

MODA MODA researched ways of maintaining a healthy scalp and hair from nature.

We found a solution in nature’s antioxidation principles, which can be seen in the browning of fruits and vegetables.


Expertise meets credibility

After 7 years of joint research with KAIST. the cradle of South Korea's science technology. we developed the " Black Change Complex™" that improves the pigmentation of gray hair and protects the scalp


It's not a hair dye - it's a shampoo
At one point or another, everyone's hair eventually becomes gray.
We constantly search tor new solutions to manage the health of your scalp and hair.

It's only in "MODA MODA"

We have provided a healthy solution for everyday use, perfect for anyone who feel reluctatnt about treating gray hair with harmful dyes. 

“ Have a MODAMODA day ”

Forget the hassle of dyeing gray hair.
Keep things simple and healthy with MODA MODA.

  • Ingredients - Black sesame, black mulberry, black truffle, black cumin seed, and black cherry are the main ingredients, and it is an EWG-safe grade hypoallergenic shampoo without silicone, sulfate surfactant, harmful hair dye, or artificial fragrance.
  • All-In-One Solution - It thoroughly cleans excess oil and dead skin cells that are clogging the pores of the scalp and removes the sebum and wastes remaining in the pores. It has a mild acidity of ph5.5 and cares for sensitive scalp, volume, and even dandruff, and has a refreshing cleansing power to prevent hair loss.
  • Do you still think about dying your hair? STOP!- MODA MODA shampoo will provide the solution. Healthy hair care without harmful ingredients. Stop worry about allergies, skin trouble or skin pigmentation!
  • 100% Guarantee - Licensed ingredients and technology have already been tested. We have confidence with our product. Immediate change after 4 weeks of use, and experience similar effects to chemical dying after 8 weeks of use.






Gray Hair? Let's See in 4 Weeks.

Co-developed with the KAIST research team, this product is a 'Gray Hair Covering Shampoo' employing the principle of forming a film on the interface of the patented mixture - containing natural ingredients such as black sesame extract, black truffle, and black cherry - by exposing it to air.

Referencing the applied browning reaction between insects' wounds and self-healing substances, a catecholamine chemical reaction is employed to darken melanin-less gray hair into natural black-brown color and help prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair,

You can feel the change yourself after 4 weeks of use and experience resembling results compared to chemical dyeing after 8 weeks of use. (There may be differences depending on the condition of the hair)


BLACK CHANGE COMPLEXT (Gray Hair Darkening Ingredient)

(Black sesame extract, black mulberry fruit extract, black truffie extract, black common seed extract, black cherry fruit extract, gallic acid, purified water)
The patented ingredient of BLACK CHANGE COMPLEXT" protects and revitalizes the scalp and hair and darkens gray hair

Niacinamide, panthenol, salicylic acid (hair loss, dandruff relieving Ingredient)

Thoroughiy cleanses excessive oil and dead skin cells that clog pores on the scalp and removes sebum and waste remaining in the pores

Coconut-derived Surfactant

Unlike petroleum-based surfactants, the coconut-derived surfactant found in nature imposes a mild dleansing power which relieves the burden on sensitive skin and helps to balance oil and moisture in the scalp

Functional Shampoo with Safe Ingredients

Managing gray hair and hair loss at once!
Dose NOT stain on your skin as well as clothes and pillows
Sooth your scalp and manage dandruff with rich, refreshing foam
The 8-additive FREE / EWG Safe Grade Ingredients
Start now, you will see a prominent change in 4 weeks!


Black Maggie found the answer in bananas.

Moda Moda Pro Change Black Shampoo that solves the problem of whiteness on the head without irritating the scalp with the principle of natural browning

I have long hair, so it was burdensome to go to the hairdresser every time, but at this price, I think it's okay. 

Been using it for 2 months. Every time I look in the mirror, I smile first. 

I was skeptical, but I am very satisfied.
I will continue to use Modamoda Shampoo.

A perfect MODAMODA recipe that takes care of scalp, hair and hair loss

No hair dye ingredients
PPDA, p-aminophenol, Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate, m-aminophenol

(Polyphenol-containing raw material)

Functional ingredients for alleviating hair loss symptoms
(niacinamide, panthenol, salicylic acid)

8 ingredients free
Silicon, Paraben, Sulfate,Animal origin of ingredients, Imidazolidinyl urea, Triethanolamine, Artificial colorant and Fragrance


No hair dye ingredients
(PPDA, p-aminophenol, Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate, m-aminophenol)
No addition of 8 ingredients including silicone and sulfate-based surfactants

Daily care with the refreshing peppermint scent!
Rich and dense foam



Product Features

Scalp care + hair loss care at once with only shampoo

No hair dye ingredients
(PPDA, p-aminophenol, Toluene-2, 5-Diamine Sulfate)

Eight safe ingredients zero
(silicone, sulfate surfactant, synthetic pigment, animal raw material, paraben, artificial fragrance triethanolamine, imidazolidinyl urea)

EWG Green's Good Shampoo

Scalp soothing and care,
Rich foam and refreshing feeling

1 day, 2 weeks, 4 weeks
Check out the hair that changes over time


I'm curious about moda moda Pro Change Black Shampoo
Q. How much should I use to be effective?
A. On average, after 2 to 4 weeks of use, you can see noticeable changes that you can feel for yourself.
(There may be differences depending on individual hair.

Q.Can your nails get stained?
A. Occasionally, if you do not rinse well after shampooing, some of the shampoo liquid may remain between your nails, so please be careful if you receive separate nail care.

Q.Is it okay to use soap, conditioner, treatment, and conditioner at the same time?
A. Since it often contains sulfate-based surfactants and silicone components, it is recommended to use a small amount when using it.

Q.I have allergies, are there any harmful ingredients? I'm worried
A. If you are allergic to a specific ingredient, we recommend that you refer to all ingredients and use it after consulting your doctor. Some of our products may have a sensitive reaction to salicylic acid, but there are no allergens other than that.


In the case of functional shampoo, it is more effective if you give it 3 minutes to absorb while there is foam in the hair. It is also very helpful to supply sufficient oxygen to the hair using a hair dryer after shampooing.


Why is Modamoda's courage different?
1. What is an aluminum pouch?
It is a pouch that blocks 100% of oxygen and is a built-in package attached to the pump.
Do not remove by force as there is a risk of explosion if pressed with strong force.

2. Why is the container large compared to the contents (300g)?
external package
An outer container is used to protect the aluminum pouch. For this reason, it was produced in a larger size than the 300g capacity pouch.

3. What is the white color at the entrance of the pump?
pumping outlet
It is a device necessary for blocking oxygen, so do not remove it.


When using Modamoda Shampoo for the first time

01. Remove the protective cap
Slightly slide the protective cap forward from behind the head.

02. Pumping
With the protective cap removed, pump about 15 times before use.
* Pumping is required about 15 times only for the first use, and after that, it can be used only 1-2 times.


When the shampoo head is detached

A. If the shampoo head is separated from the body, remove the protective cap and press the head until it clicks twice.

B. If the head is separated as above, remove the protective cap, align the direction and press the head until it clicks.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

저는 8월에 런칭하자마자 사용했고, 모발이 두꺼워서 한달정도 후엔 효과를 보지 못했으나 두달 꾸준히 사용한 결과 눈에띄게 새치가 없어졌습니다. 저희 시아버님도 저한테 염색했냐고 물어보실 정도로 머리색이 어두워졌어요. 30대인데 새치가 정말 너무 많고 염색해도 2주만에 다시 새치가 자라서 진짜 스트레스였는데, 이제 머리를 쓸어넘길수도 있게되었어요. 진짜 감사합니다. 연구원님들 절받으세요~~~

It's second purchase

I bought the existing Moda Moda and am using it, but when I tried to purchase it after almost using it, it was out of stock for several days. I've been seeing the effects of it lately, but at the moment I thought I couldn't buy all of these, it was out of stock, so I barely bought it. My mom always dyed it at the hairdresser or I dyed it at home, but she likes this because it's so convenient that you can dye it just by shampooing instead of dyeing it. In particular, she said that the day after dyeing her scalp was weak and it was constantly burning, but Moda Moda said that it could not be better than this because it dyes without irritation of the scalp. After using it, I thought it would be better to wear a black tee when using Moda Moda Shampoo. Towels are also dark towels ~ :) At first, I had a light towel, but it got dark and I threw away one towel heh. Other than that, I am using it very well without any inconvenience.

This is the real deal right here

I've been using it for 25 days and my hair color is getting darker as time goes on.
I don't have to dye it separately, so I'm very happy with it.
I will continue to use it.

정말 효과가잇네요

20일 지나도 염색을 해야하는 스트레스가 줄었습니다. 지인께서 좋은샴푸라고 써보라고 1병을 주셔서 20일쯤 됫는데요 효과가 있네요. 만족합니다.



Very good

I've used it twice. My wife's grey hair turned golden
like it said in the process even after one use. That's it, the most important part, end of review.

My honest review

With my mother who has been dyeing gray hair for over 20 years, I have been waiting eagerly for the release date of Moda Moda Shampoo ㅠㅠ and I tried it for a week! In conclusion, my mother's satisfaction is 100 out of 5 stars.. X1OO !!! 🤣 She likes it enough to say that she will use if for the rest of her life.. Let me tell you the true story of my mother's experiance after trying.
👍After using it for a week, the hair around the crown and the back of the head, where gray hair grows intensively, starts to darken a lot (Treatment I was worried that my hair would be stiff if I didn't use it, but my mother said it was okay for dry thick hair! She said that the effect appears faster after washing.)

👍I was worried my hair would be stiff if not using the treatment, but my mother said it was okay for her as dry thick hair!

👍 After shampooing, the scalp feels fresh, but she said it is good because it is not too greasy and soft.

👍Though it is a functional shampoo(not a regular shampoo) it foams well and it smells good, so there is no problem at all
👍I leave it for 10 minutes and wash it and the effect is faster

However, if there is one thing to note,
👆 the first day of using the towel coloring, it is said that water came out in a slightly yellowish color even after leaving it for more than 15 minutes and rinsing it thoroughly same! ㅠㅠ
👆Adaptation period! Since it is a highly functional shampoo with a different concept from regular shampoo, in the initial period of use when you are not used to the shampoo, it is important for each individual to test the amount of leaving time and rinsing carefully and find a method that suits you well. I think I will!
👆It does not feel like a cost-effective shampoo but my mother also used it with me, so the amount seems a little small! It comes in double packaging, so it must have been made that way because there was a reason when designing the product, but anyway, the quantity is a bit small..

★ Overall Review ★ My mother said that while using Moda Moda Shampoo, she felt the possibility that she would be freed from the cost, time, and health stress she had spent on dyeing. I'm planning on repurchasing a few more, so I'll write another review after a month or two! I think this product is really innovative and great in that the effect is clearly visible! I recommend it!

Kelly Lanley


Jennifer lynn


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