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Moremo is a Korean brand with products that will both strengthen hair and nourish your skin. All of the ingredients are natural and high-quality. 

Moremo is the result of an exhaustive study and long-term project at a leading cosmetic research institute with over half a century worth of experience. After searching around the world for the best ingredients and studying the most effective combinations, we developed the optimal formulation for the hair. 
Moremo’s haircare and skincare range that contains naturally derived ingredients. The hydrating energy of Moremo products is gained from key components originating from the desert, deep ocean and all of Earth’s Nature. 

We promise to manufacture and develop products after a qualified research resulting in an optimal formulation. Our products will always incorporate natural ingredients. We guarantee a safety formulation after carrying out all necessary testing, always prioritizing your safety.  

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Moremo Recovery Balm B 120ml 230ml
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