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Black Change Complex™


healthy scalp and hair, On the principle of natural antioxidants found the answer
For a healthy scalp and hair Modamoda started research from nature.
represented by browning of fruits and plants We found the answer from the principle of 'nature's antioxidant'.



There is.
To all those who are thinking about dyeing gray hair due to concerns about hair dye ingredients
We suggest healthy solutions that you can use every day in your daily life.

Professionalism that adds trust to trust
After 7 years of joint research with KAIST, the birthplace of domestic science and technology, It enhances the color development of gray hair and gray hair and protects the scalp and hair.
Developed ‘Black Change Complex™’ ingredient

For healthy hair and scalp
A new standard in shampoo
Modamoda for 'aging hair, hair loss' care
We were constantly thinking about new solutions.
And everyone can use it every day
We confidently suggest healthy answers.


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MODA MODA Pro-Change Black Shampoo 300ml
Regular price$29.33 USD$20.53 USD
MODA MODA Pro-Change boosting treatment 200g
Regular price$45.67 USD$31.97 USD
MODA MODA Pro-Change blonde Shampoo 300g
Regular price$52.14 USD$36.50 USD
[NEW] MODA MODAZero Gray Black Shampoo 300g
Regular price$86.63 USD$60.64 USD
MODA MODA Pro Change Chateau Black Shampoo 300g
Regular price$74.00 USD$51.80 USD

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