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KAHI is a new skin care brand from Korea Introduced in 2020.

We are chosen as the hottest beauty brands in Korea and representing the K-Beauty today.

Product Story

KAHI's products are difficult to produce a large amount at once because it uses precious ingredients only from Jeju Island, a clean area in Korea.

Nevertheless, the reason why we do not replace raw materials and sticks to the rough fermentation process for 744 hours is because there is a large difference in effect. Even if it takes time, we will make it properly without compromising.


In order to realize our brand philosophy, "Anyone can easily be beautyful" KAHI tried to create a "habit" thatmakes is easy to apply good ingredientsrather than making a "beauty product".


KAHI's Muilty Balm and Extin C Balm, which were created in that way, are currently creating "easy beauty havbits" in which many people become beautiful.

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KAHI Keysteen Balm Pink 9g
Regular price$55.00 USD$38.50 USD
KAHI Skin Fit Blending Essence 30ml
Regular price$213.13 USD$149.19 USD
KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Core Cream 50ml
Regular price$265.83 USD$186.08 USD
KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Blemish Ampoule 50ml
Regular price$155.83 USD$109.08 USD
KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm 9g
Regular price$60.30 USD$42.21 USD
KAHI Extin C Balm 9g
Regular price$52.14 USD$36.50 USD
KAHI UV Aqua Balm SPF 50+ PA++++ 9g
Regular price$60.78 USD$42.55 USD
KAHI High Lighter 9g
Regular price$73.73 USD$51.61 USD
KAHI Cream Cleansing Foam 80ml
Regular price$60.78 USD$42.55 USD
KAHI Multi Balm Refill Kit 9g*2EA
Regular price$65.09 USD$45.56 USD
KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm Set 9g*3EA
Regular price$151.99 USD$106.39 USD
KAHI Eye Balm 9g
Regular price$56.46 USD$39.52 USD
KAHI Hangyob Skin SPF 48 PA++++ 30ml
Regular price$82.50 USD$57.75 USD
KAHI Hangyob Dual Concealer 0.8g
Regular price$30.56 USD$21.39 USD
KAHI Hangyob Cream SPF 35 PA++ 30ml
Regular price$34.38 USD$24.07 USD
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