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“Just by adding naturally derived ingredients doesn’t make a difference on the skin,but combined with our technology, isoi has advanced both the application and performance of natural skincare products.”



Who is Heinz Jürgen Weiland?

Mr. Heinz Jürgen Weiland is a German scientist who has pioneered natural cosmetics-related research, development, production, standardization, and certification over the last three decades.


Why did isoi open a research lab in Germany?

Natural cosmetics technological research started in Europe and was led in Germany. isoi built a research lab in Germany in order to further develop their technology in skin care by using their data base and expertise.


How does isoi's unique blending technology differ?

isoi's unique blending technology increase the stability, application, and delivery of the products.

Stability: isoi products have stability in color, fragrance, texture, and pH that tends to change with moisture, temperature, pressure and mechanical force.

Application: While many skincare brands use non-biodegradable ingredients to enhance the products’ application, isoi has developed a way to provide even application by using natural and biodegradable ingredients only.

Delivery: isoi's products are deliver promised results by remaining stable and active while penetrating through the outer skin layer.

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isoi Lip Treatment Balm 5g
Regular price$38.21 USD$28.66 USD
isoi Blemish Care Serum 35ml
Regular price$129.00 USD$96.75 USD
isoi Acni Dr. 1st Speedy Spot 14ml
Regular price$39.96 USD$29.97 USD
isoi PHA First Tonic Essence 210ml
Regular price$85.17 USD$63.88 USD
isoi ATO Smile Oil 100ml
Regular price$53.24 USD$39.93 USD
isoi Dr. Roots Scalp Ampoule 9ml each x 6pcs
Regular price$111.43 USD$83.57 USD
isoi Dr. Roots Repairing Treatment 238ml
Regular price$62.72 USD$47.04 USD
isoi Scalp Shampoo 250ml
Regular price$94.16 USD$70.62 USD
isoi Intensive Sugar Scrub 60g
Regular price$76.00 USD$57.00 USD
isoi Dr. Roots Active Ampoule Shampoo 390ml
Regular price$40.25 USD$30.19 USD
isoi Sensitive Skin Hydro Soothing Gel 80 ml
Regular price$67.97 USD$50.98 USD
isoi Intensive Energizing Cream
Regular price$85.91 USD$64.43 USD

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