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From the stage of product planning, we think of nature as a chip in the material, body, and main coating. In order to make the best quality I'm From, we visit farms across the country and carefully select and discover them. It is composed only of ingredients that are safe for the skin by selecting the best quality gifted from nature.

In order to obtain the active ingredient from the raw material, we are trying to keep the original as much as possible, not the content extracted by an artificial method. We want to create products that contain the valuable sincerity gained through endless failures and experiences.


The touch of the soil, the smell of grass, the scent of flowers, and the sweet healing of honey that were close to the flock when they were young. We would like to introduce a modern reinterpretation of natural ingredients inspired by Korean traditional secret recipes and folk remedies from ancestors. By combining Korea's long-standing wisdom based on nature, it is spreading Asian beauty as the most Korean naturalism brand. Slowly but surely promises an experience of change.

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I'm From Ginseng Serum 30ml
Regular price$64.19 USD$48.14 USD
I'm from Honey Lip Balm 10g
Regular price$58.77 USD$44.08 USD
I'm From Fig Cleansing balm 100ml
Regular price$69.13 USD$51.85 USD
I'm from Honey Mask 120g
Regular price$89.55 USD$67.16 USD
I'm from Ginseng Eye Cream 30g
Regular price$68.83 USD$51.62 USD
I'm from Ginseng Mask 120g
Regular price$76.71 USD$57.53 USD
I'm from Fig Scrub Mask 120g
Regular price$56.73 USD$42.55 USD
I'm from Mugwort Essence 160ml
Regular price$69.58 USD$52.19 USD

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