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Here, Now, Myself


HERA is a contemporary, luxury Seoul-based beauty brand that defines and creates the trends in beauty standards to be delivered together with the value of Korean women across the world.

Finding and expressing the confident and strong self and unique individual beauty that exists deep within oneself is HERA’s philosophy on Seoul beauty.

At the center of Seoulista’s beauty lies ‘being true to yourself’. Women who understand what fits them and are not afraid to be passionate in identifying and exploring themselves complete their beautiful style in their own way without styling excessively.

HERA’s skincare and makeup, which begins from the deepest parts beneath the skin to the colors expressed on the outside, completes a whole beauty routine that perfectly expresses true self.

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HERA Homme Essence In Skin 125ml
Regular price$93.15 USD$69.86 USD
HERA Homme Essence In Emulsion 110ml
Regular price$93.15 USD$69.86 USD
HERA Homme Black Perfect Fluid 110ml
Regular price$218.33 USD$163.75 USD
HERA Black Cushion 11Color
Regular price$138.70 USD$104.03 USD
HERA Sensual Spicy Nude Gloss 5g
Regular price$62.93 USD$47.20 USD

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