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Smart Beauty Habits Every Day for a Better Me
From makeup brushes and cotton pad to hair rolls and hair ties for bangs. There are more and more ‘beauty tools’ that help me become beautiful more easily, simply, and smartly.
Olive Young, Korea's No. 1 H&B store, decided to develop Olive Young's own brand, thinking that beauty tools could become a 'beauty habit item' for smart customers, not just for assorting stores.

With the concept of 'everyday smart beauty habit for a better me, Everyday Health & Beauty Experience', the new brand conveys the message that it can become a habit for health and beauty and a beautiful everyday life, beyond an auxiliary tool that is good to have and not enough. I wanted to.
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Fillimilli Eye Make Up Brush 5 Piece Set
Regular price$43.00 USD$30.10 USD
Fillimilli Heating Eyelash Curler
Regular price$49.30 USD$34.51 USD
Fillimilli S Fitting Flat Foundation Brush 826
Regular price$61.00 USD$42.70 USD
Fillimilli Mini Makeup Brush Set (5pcs)
Regular price$52.00 USD$36.40 USD
Fillimilli Dual Concealer Brush 810
Regular price$23.75 USD$16.63 USD
Fillimilli Point Eyeshadow Brush Defining 511
Regular price$15.17 USD$10.62 USD
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HOJEONG-GA Korean Traditional Glutinous Rice Yakgwa 14pack 490g

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