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Makeup should be fun rather than a boring daily routine. We at Etude House believe that we can create better and more exciting products for our customers to find enjoyable play and self-discovery for their unique beauty. Since launching in 1985 as Korea’s first specialized makeup brand, Etude House has made beauty dreams comes true with fun and playful products and packaging. We’ve created a culture of Makeup Play in our stores to perpetuate learning and the enjoyment of beauty. Our feminine and playful products accentuate our belief that every woman was born a dignified being and deserves to be loved. To celebrate their beauty, and adventurous spirit, trend-focused, young women turn to Etude House’s bright, whimsical stores for affordable bestsellers like Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk, Precious Mineral Any Cushion, Play 101 Pencil, and Moistfull Collagen Cream.
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ETUDE HOUSE Bling Bling Eye Stick (#8 Ivory Babystar) Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Stick with Blinding Glow and Soft Creamy Texture for Shining Eyes
Regular priceHKD$67.00HKD$60.30
  • #1 Shooting Star
  • #11 Rose Star
  • #15 Peach Swan Star
  • #16 Pinky Star Rain
  • #17 Morning Star
  • #18 Moon Star
  • #8 Ivory Babystar
  • #9 Golden Tail Star
ETUDE HOUSE Dr. Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash 01 (Natural Volume Up) | Long-Lasting Smudge-Proof Mascara Fixer with Care Effect | Korean Makeup
Regular priceHKD$88.00HKD$79.20
  • For Perfect Lash #01 (Natural Volume up)
  • For Super Long Lash #02 (Natural Extension)
ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eye Brow #3 Brown | Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil for Soft Textured Natural Daily Look Eyebrow Makeup
Regular priceHKD$68.00HKD$61.20
  • #1 Dark Brown
  • #2 Grey Brown
  • #3 Brown
  • #4 Dark Grey
  • #5 Grey
  • #6 Black
  • #7 Light Brown
ETUDE HOUSE Fixing Tint 4g
Regular priceHKD$135.00HKD$121.50
  • 01 Analog Rose
  • 02 Vintage Red
  • 03 Meloow Peach
  • 04 Ginger Milktea
  • 05 Midnight Mauve
  • 06 Soft Walnut
  • 07 Cranberry Plum
  • 08 Dusty Beige
ETUDE HOUSE CAREddict All in One Base 30ml
Regular priceHKD$210.00HKD$189.00
  • #1 Vanilla
  • #2 Sand
Regular priceHKD$98.00HKD$88.20
  • Banana Milk
  • Blueberry Milk
ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes #Milky New Year KOREA
Regular priceHKD$200.00HKD$170.00
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Banana Milk
  • Blueberry Milk

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