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CNP Dermatology was founded in 1996 with its first clinic in Yangjae, South Korea. Recognizing the importance of good after-treatment home care to address skin issues, the founders of CNP started their own product research and development in 2000. Just a few months into the year, CNP Cosmetics was born. Today, CNP Cosmetics is a leading pharmaceutical-level cosmetic line that has won numerous industry and consumer awards for its efficacy.


CNP Cosmetics is the brainchild of 50 dermatologists at the renowned CNP Skin Clinic based in Seoul, South Korea, who recognized the importance of home-based skin care regime.

CNP Laboratory’s DNA was forged over two decades of dermatological expertise.

Originally developed for CNP Skin Clinic patients for after-treatment care at home, CNP Laboratory boasts a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical-grade products popular amongst customers with serious skin concerns such as acne-prone, dry and damaged skin.

Today, CNP Laboratory is one of the top-selling cosmeceutical brands from South Korea that has won numerous industry and consumer beauty awards internationally for the efficacy of its products.

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CNP Laboratory BYE-OD-TD Vita Calming Serum 50ml
Regular price$69.41 USD$48.59 USD
CNP LABORATORY Deep Cleansing Perfecta 150ml
Regular price$43.51 USD$30.46 USD
CNP Laboratory Propolis Multi Ampule Balm 7g*2ea
Regular price$73.33 USD$51.33 USD
CNP Laboratory Propolis Essential Eye Cream 50ml
Regular price$65.09 USD$45.56 USD
CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Pad 70EA
Regular price$49.98 USD$34.99 USD
CNP Laboratory Propolis Ampule Oil in Cream 50ml
Regular price$55.00 USD$38.50 USD
CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster 100ml
Regular price$49.98 USD$34.99 USD
CNP laboratory Hydra Cera Intense Cream 50ml
Regular price$78.04 USD$54.63 USD
CNP Laboratory Anti-Dust Clay Foam Cleanser 150ml
Regular price$39.19 USD$27.43 USD
CNP Laboratory Homme Lab Moisture Lip Balm 4g
Regular price$30.56 USD$21.39 USD
CNP Laboratory CNP HOMME Lab Fluid 110ml
Regular price$52.00 USD$36.40 USD
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