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BBIA is short for "Blooming Beauty In Online Ocean",
a functional makeup cosmetics brand sold online only.
The representative item, "BBIA Eye Liner 3 Set", contains of Choco EditionRose Editionand Water Eyeliner, is so popular
because of its reasonable price and excellent quality makeup.
Upgrade your attractiveness with the functional cosmetics "BBIA".

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BBIA Glow Lip Tint 3.2g
Regular price$32.00 USD$22.40 USD
BBIA Essential Eye Palette 8.5g
Regular price$53.67 USD$37.57 USD
BBIA Last Powder Lipstick 3.5g
Regular price$28.00 USD$19.60 USD
BBIA Over Glaze Stick 1.7g
Regular price$37.33 USD$26.13 USD
BBIA Last Blush 2.5g
Regular price$21.31 USD$14.92 USD
BBIA Last Blush 4XL Contour 01.Almond Blossom 10g
Regular price$31.63 USD$22.14 USD
BBIA Lip Oil Balm Shea Butter 10g
Regular price$26.35 USD$18.45 USD
BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Slim
Regular price$31.30 USD$21.91 USD
BBIA Ready To Wear Water Lipstick
Regular price$39.18 USD$27.43 USD
BBIA Glow Lip Tint
Regular price$30.63 USD$21.44 USD
Regular price$39.00 USD$27.30 USD
BBIA Never Die Mascara Slim #01 BLACK FIT 3ml
Regular price$39.19 USD$27.43 USD
BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner
Regular price$27.00 USD$18.90 USD
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먹초보은 Oh Jjon 24pack 600g