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LifeStyle Cosmetic Brand

It is time to comfort your skin
and take care of yourself with Anua.

Anua supports you to take care of your life for yourself and focus entirely on yourself.

It is difficult to improve the skin's condition by simply applying the skincare product on your skin because skin is affected by several complex factors, such as stress, air pollution, hormones, and eating habits. Peace of mind, routine lifestyle and healthy eating habits make healthy skin. Anua pursues healthy beauty led by a well-balanced lifestyle. We believe that your skin can become more energetic and healthier when you focus fully on yourself and your body and mind feel relaxed.

Anua's brand promises



We want relaxing.
Anua's products contain natural ingredients that make your skin comfortable and relax your tired skin. However, simply applying the skincare product on your skin does not allow the skin to rest completely. Anua's goal is to live a well-balanced life with a little bit of relation in a tired daily life.

Ingredients Focused

We focus ingredients.
ANUA concentrates on healthy and natural ingredients. We are searching for vegan ingredients and exclude all unnecessary factors to maximize effects.


We value simplicity.
Splendidness and complexity hide the essence.
We are going to take the lead in establishing a simple formula of beauty to make skin healthy and to suggest simple lifestyle.

Sustainable Partnership

Anua keeps in mind of sustainability all the time.
We have long-term relationships with good partners supplying organic raw materials and ingredients, and constantly remind ourselves of our responsibility for the environment.
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Anua Heartleaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil 200ml
Regular price$45.25 USD$31.68 USD
Anua Heartleaf 77 Soothing Toner 250ml
Regular price$43.00 USD$30.10 USD
Anua Heartleaf 77 Clear Pad 160ml 70Pads
Regular price$58.75 USD$41.13 USD
Anua Heartleaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil 350ml
Regular price$64.00 USD$44.80 USD
Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 350ml
Regular price$57.29 USD$40.10 USD