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Why are Korean cosmetics so popular?

Why are Korean cosmetics so popular?

After the phenomenon of Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) gained popularity, the sales of Korean cosmetic products increased exponentially. Still there are many people are wondering why are Korean cosmetics so popular? Are they really better than ours? Why?.

As we know a great deal about Korean cosmetics we would like to explain why they are so popular. 

Why are Korean cosmetics so popular? 5 reasons

# 1 flawless skin

If Western women are concerned with disguising imperfections with overly-coloured foundations and makeup, Korean women and Asian women in general, on the other hand, are concerned with improving their skin. Given this need, Asian companies have always been committed to creating cutting-edge cosmetics to combat any skin imperfection.

# 2 natural beauty

Directly connected to the previous point, natural beauty is another cornerstone for Asian women, to achieve this ideal of beauty you need to take care of your skin and optionally wear very light makeup. The perfection of natural beauty is achieved with the 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine, which consists in cleansing and purifying the skin daily and protecting it from the sun.

# 3 natural ingredients

Another undeniable strength of Korean beauty products is their composition. These cosmetics are made up almost entirely of natural ingredients. Furthermore, many ingredients are typical of oriental culture that are difficult to find in our western products. Just think of the use of snail slime as an ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams, the components of this substance (hyaluronic acid, antimicrobial, elastin, peptides) and its water composition make it the ingredient elected to counteract the signs of ageing and the Koreans have known it for thousands of years!


# 4 technology and innovation

Korean cosmetics are the result of innovative techniques little known or used in the West such as extraction and fermentation. Furthermore, there is a strong interest for companies in the field to continuously find better products.


# 5 value for money

Considering that these products are natural, created with cutting edge techniques and are also imported, their value for money is unbeatable. In fact, the costs of Korean cosmetics are equivalent to those of a not too expensive brand. So this should be the final reason that pushes you to try these products, which guarantee visible results in a short time.

To conclude, it is expected that the Korean beauty industry will reach 3 billion dollars in 2020, so this is not a passing phenomenon but a change of modern times.

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