Brand Concept & Philosophy

The harmonious balance of Modern technology and the Ancient Eastern medicinal principles.

Whoo is a luxury Korean skincare brand that captures the meticulous beauty regimens once used by the Empresses. The chinese character "后" (Whoo) translates into Empress. By harmonizing the most treasured secret formulas used in traditional Eastern medicine with innovative modern technology, Whoo creates an ultimately indulgent and prestigious experience to your daily beauty rituals. Ensuring each and every product is crafted with high-quality ingredients and excellency, Whoo gives you brighter and more translucent complexion, bringing out the inner Empress in you.


Whoo is renowned for its wide range of skincare collections that are designed to treat specific skin concerns. All products are formulated with the Gongjinbidan complex - a secret formula enriched with medicinal ingredients that prevent various diseases by balancing the Yin and Yang, stimulating and boosting blood circulation in our skin.


In 2003, the government of South Korea commissioned LG Household & Health Care to launch a holistic, premium skin care range that showcased the extensive cultural heritage of Korea. Since then, “The history of Whoo” was born. Whoo is dedicated to extensive research and development, and continues to innovate with revolutionary cosmetic treatments drawn from the inspiration of empresses. Whoo is now a globally recognized luxury beauty brand available across Asia and North America.

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Whoo Glow Lip Balm 3.3g
Preço normalHKD$270.00HKD$243.00
  • PINK SPF10
  • RED SPF10
  • ROSE

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