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Created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and YouTube star Saerom Min, better known as Gaeko, Rom&nd has exploded on the beauty scene with its stunning visuals, lust-worthy colors, and perfectly curated products.

Viral Korean makeup brand rom&nd produces transformative colour palettes for cheek, eyes, and lips. Find comfy, long-lasting beauty in a wide range of pigments. Glossy, but not overly shiny; and moisturizing, but not greasy. Shop award-winning rom&nd makeup here. Don't miss out on limited releases and collabs!

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rom&nd Better Than Eyes Music Series
Preço normalHKD$166.00HKD$149.40
  • 1. Dry Apple Blossom
  • 2. Dry Buckwheat Flower
  • 3. Dry Cosmos
rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint Autumn Knitwear Colors
Preço normalHKD$130.00HKD$117.00
  • 18Petal Tassel
  • 19Earl Grey Shawl
  • 20Berry Knit
  • 21Villain Vest
rom&nd Better Than Eyes Hanbok Edition
Preço normalHKD$172.00HKD$154.80
  • 01 Dry Willow Flower
  • 02 Dry Violet
rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint Vintage Filter Colors 5.5g
Preço normalHKD$130.00HKD$117.00
  • 22Grain Nude
  • 23Vintage Taupe
  • 24Fade Red
  • 25Nerd Pink

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