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Type: Beauty Devices


2020 national brand
Brand Stars Award
Ecoface was selected as the '2020 National Representative Brand' in recognition of its core technology in the K-beauty device sector.


"Effect Guaranteed". "Safety Guaranteed"
LED mask "Ecoface" that has proven its safety through photobiological safety tests of nationally accredited testing laboratories
Photobiological safety
※ What is a photobiological safety test?
Experiment to examine whether LED light is harmful to eyes and skin

Invitation to healthier skin
ECO FACE, a skin-specialized home care mask that fills the inner skin with light

Smart home skin care that anyone can easily manage without any burden
WIBE's own skin science that provides true beauty
Eco-face that brightens the skin from the inside out
Changes for beautiful and vibrant skin


Delicate design
A mask designed to be worn comfortably without feeling stuffy by opening the eyes, nose, and mouth with a light weight

Convenient carrying and charging
It can be used anytime, anywhere for various indoor activities by applying the rechargeable battery method

Safe design for optimal light
Excludes risk of low-temperature burns and applies optimal illuminance (light intensity) conditions for skin improvement

light weight
Realization of weight of 230g
Light movement even after wearing

material with great care
Eco-friendly plastic material is used to prevent side effects even to the part that comes into contact with the skin
Scientifically proven skin improvement effect
Eco-face human application test result

Experiments were carried out through ICC Korea, a research institute specializing in human application testing.

Testing institution: ICC Korea Co., Ltd.
Test subjects: 20 Korean women under the age of 30 expected to be under the age of 60 (1st 10 people / 2nd: 10 people)
Test period:
1st experiment : 2015.02.24~2015.03.17 
2nd experiment : 2016.03.16~2016.04.06 
Test name: Human application test for skin texture, skin elasticity, and skin moisture improvement effect

The promise of light for beautiful skin
"Investment for me, 20 minutes a day"

The amazing power of near-infrared/red light that penetrates deep into the skin!
01 Elastic skin: Replenishing skin elasticity
02 Moist skin: increased moisture content
03 Soft skin: improvement of skin roughness
04 Bright and bright skin: healthy skin

Eco-Face verified by a dermatologist

It is effective for regeneration when near-infrared 830mm wavelength is irradiated to the skin, but when used simultaneously with visible 630mm wavelength, a greater synergy effect can be seen through collagen activation.

After cleansing, use an eco-face after cleansing the skin with essence or serum.
Applying a moisturizing product after use is more effective in moisturizing and regenerating.

During an interview with Director Bang Sook-hyeon of DR Dermatology

Real professional skin care program using Eco Face of DR Dermatology

Step 1
After washing your face, wipe it clean with a cleansing product.

Step 2
Cover the pores with a warm steam towel for 1-2 minutes to expand the pores.

Step 3
Apply serum and essence to enhance the eco-face effect.

Step 4
Start near-infrared skin care for 20 minutes using Eco Face.

Step 5
After near-infrared skin care, use mist to provide sufficient moisture.

Step 6
As a final step, apply a moisturizing cream and massage to soothe the skin.


When using the product for the first time, use it after charging for 3 hours

After washing your face, gently clean your skin with toner and essence.

Carefully attach the product body and band/gel pad

Adjust the band by lightly adhering it to the face shape after wearing it.

Press the button for about 2 seconds to turn on the power, adjust the use for 5-20 minutes according to your convenience, and press and hold the button to start

When using the band, it can be used while moving or sitting, but it is recommended to use it with your eyes closed while lying down comfortably without using the band.


01 Press and hold the button to turn on the power.
When the power is turned on, the timer defaults to 20 minutes.

02 If you want to change the timer while the power is on, briefly press the button and check that the light comes on at the time. [Sequence] 20 minutes → 15 minutes → 10 minutes → 5 minutes

03 After confirming that the light is on at the desired time, press and hold the button to start operation.
The controller emits a blue light during floor charging and a white light when fully charged.

* Please refer to the manual for detailed usage.


Mask + Eye World
Mask + Gel Pad
Mask + Eye Shield + Gel Pad

-Eco-Face Mask comes with an eye shield and gel pad for your convenience.
-When wearing a mask, choose whether to use the eye shield and gel pad individually or at the same time according to the user's convenience.
- If you feel the glare from the light, it is recommended to wear an eye shield.
- When you want to irradiate the light around the eye area, we recommend that you use only the gel pad and keep your eyes closed as comfortably as possible.

* Eco-face exclusive eye shield and gel pad


Eco face mask body
[Color] Threefold Gold/White Pearl

Body connection band
[Color] Threefold Gold/White Pearl

Main body/controller connection & charging cable


2 Gel pads (forehead/chin)

Eye shield
[Color] Champagne Gold/White Pearl

Instructions for use

Finished product packaging box

* Precautions for use

Please take note of the cautions.

  • There is a risk of product damage, so please refrain from violent actions while wearing the product.
  • If you are concerned about skin problems caused by using the product, we recommend that you consult with a specialist before use.
  • Be sure to use only certified and genuine charging adapters and cables.
  • When using or moving the product, do not throw it or subject it to impact.
  • Use the product within 60℃ and do not store it in a place where the temperature is too low or too high.
  • Do not use or store the product in hot and humid places.
  • Store the product in a dry place away from moisture or moisture.
  • For details, please refer to the user manual within the product.

Origin: Korea
KC Certification: Adapter Certification: HU10180-13104B, Battery Certification: ZU12003-12003G
Rated voltage: DC5V
Power consumption: 2A
Dimensions: 248mm x 203mm x 110mm



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