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Medicube Soyxidil 2in1 Treatment 265ml

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Type: Shampoo & Conditioner


* Medicube Soyxidil 2in1 Treatment 265ml 

* Ingredients found in Dol Beans for the first time in Korea
Highest number ever - 65.2% reduction in hair loss
A treatment that thoroughly cares for your hair

* Scalp and hair care at once
Application of SOYACT, a patented ingredient for strengthening hair roots
(SOYACT is the main ingredient for hair loss and a patented raw material for strengthening hair roots)

* Hypoallergenic human body application test
* Korea's first hair loss treatment
* Hair Loss Relief Functional Ingredient

* Damage to the hair will soon cause hair loss.

* Hair loss due to injury
The cause is loss of hair protein and weakened hair roots.
Application of Soyact, a patented raw material that strengthens the binding force of protein and hair roots.

* If you have these concerns, try changing the treatment first.
・Those who need softness for rough hair that is difficult to comb,
・Those who need volume for fine hair,
・Those who have easily greasy hair or need a treatment that does not clump
・Those who need hair loss care for falling hair loss

* One 2-in-1 treatment for hair loss management and hair texture at once

* Even with a small amount, it becomes creamy, and it is possible to massage the entire hair and scalp.
Use small amounts and adjust the amount.

* How To Use 
1. Remove moisture after shampooing.
2. Open the treatment cap by turning it to the right, then apply directly to the scalp and damaged hair.
(When using, open the cap by turning it to the right, and lock it by turning it to the left after use.)
3. Massage your hair for about 10 seconds.
(Liquid formulation turns into cream in contact with moisture, and the slight heat generated maximizes the nutritional care effect)
4. Gently wash your scalp and hair with lukewarm water.

65.2% reduction in hair loss
147% increase in protein binding ability

* Completed human application test for hair improvement

- Improving damaged hair roughness
- Hair protein binding ability
- Helps improve hair shine

* Human hair loss relief test completed

- Improving scalp moisture level
- Helps soothe the scalp
- Helps reduce the number of hair falling out
- Helps improve root volume

* Point 01.
- Korea’s first definite hair root strengthening improvement ingredient.
Contains 2% of SoyAct, a patented ingredient for strengthening the hair root, made of isoflavone, an active ingredient of Dolcong Bear.

* Medicube Soyxidyil line is the first hair loss relief functional product in Korea.

* Soycidyl Treatment is silicone-free, so there is no shine or sagging when applied directly to the scalp.

* Soycidil 2-in-1 Treatment is a functional product that is applied directly to the scalp so that the ingredients can reach the scalp directly.

* The abundance of hair determines the strength of the hair root
Start with a hair root strengthening treatment for weak, sagging hair.

* Helps reduce the number of hair falling out
30.3% reduction after 1 week of use
65.2% reduction after 6 weeks of use

* After 1 week of use
Helps improve root volume, improves scalp moisture, soothes irritated scalp

* Point 02. 
Effects of professional hair care
Apply steaming technology so that you can feel it at home

The nutrition ampoule meets water and turns into a highly concentrated cream to form a perfect protein coating.
The nourishing water ampoule delivers nutrients deeply to the scalp and hair
- Upon contact with water, it turns into cream and forms a strong protein coating.

* Steaming hair care
-The formulation was designed so that when it meets water, it turns into a cream and produces a temporary slight heat effect.

* Mild heat maximizes the nutritional care effect of hair.
Soycidil 2-in-1 treatment is a formulation containing an excessive amount of active ingredients and is characterized by being frozen as a white solid at low temperatures.
This is a natural phenomenon, so shake lightly before use.

* Core raw material to fill hair protein
Contains Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Acacia-derived vegetable protein helps with hair care.

* Treatment that cares for your hair
Check the results of the human application test

* After 1 use
Hair protein binding ability, hair gloss improvement, damaged hair roughness improvement

* No addition of silicone ingredients that clog scalp pores
I checked to be able to take care of hair loss concerns more healthily and safely.

* Allergy-free fragrances are applied so that you can feel safe even if you are worried about hair loss or even sensitive scalp.

* Through OACT, a test and inspection agency, it was confirmed that 26 allergens among cosmetic fragrances notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety were not detected.

* Gentle enough for sensitive scalp to use daily
Completed hypoallergenic human body application test

This product contains an excessive amount of active ingredients and is characterized by freezing into a white solid at low temperatures.
This phenomenon is a natural phenomenon, so please keep it at room temperature before using it and shake it.


Medicube Soyxidil 2in1 Treatment 265ml

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