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7056 Hevitz AirPods/Air Pro Case (Pueblo)
/airpod Pro case Pueblo

This AirPods Pro case is made of Pueblo, a leather made with artificial scratches by rolling iron beads on Minerva, the highest quality baguette. It creates a cool and dreamy atmosphere by giving a rough feeling through scratches on the private Minerva leather without a separate pattern or embossing. A sturdy case that perfectly adheres and wraps around the AirPods Pro using whole leather. Like Minerva, it ages at a fast rate, so it is a product that is loved more after use.


A case that should always be kept. It would be cumbersome if you had to take it out every time you charge it. The Hevitz AirPods case can be charged without removing the case. The case doesn't have to be cumbersome every time you open the lid. It is only 5mm, and it does not interfere with opening and closing the lid through the incision.

About Pueblo Leather
Pueblo leather is made from Minerva leather, the representative leather of the Italian Vera Pele consortium Badarasi, and undergoes a separate processing operation to artificially scratch the silver surface of the leather. Minerva is a Baketa leather that has been developed for a long time in the Tuscany region, and is the epitome of cowhide. The soft and chewy texture is very good as the thick, soft silver noodles are soaked in enough oxtail oil.

The image above is an enlarged view of Pueblo leather. If you look closely, irregular scratches are entangled, giving a natural wash feeling overall. It has a strong rough feel at first, but the more you use it, the more natural gloss and color deepens.

Designed with the user in mind
/so that the design does not interfere with use

Hebitz AirPods case is a product that was born after a lot of research by the workshop. Air pods are the ultimate in convenience that removes all the clutter. In order to meet all the requirements of providing the users with the most concise and attractive design, protection from external impact, and no inconvenience in use.

Easy to carry,
Handstrap/Necklace Strap Options

Due to the nature of AirPods, they are mostly used outdoors while on the go. If you are worried about losing it or dropping it, use a strap.
A necklace strap is used to tie a knot. You can freely adjust the length to fit your body condition. (Length 48 cm excluding rings)

The hand strap is recommended for those who mainly carry AirPods by hand or for those who carry them in a bag. We will send it to you in the same leather as the case, and if you have a special request, please leave a message in the shipping message. (Length 15 cm excluding rings)

*If you do not add a separate option,
AirPods case and O-ring will be sent as standard configuration.

basic configuration
The O-ring is a basic component and is sent together with the purchase of the case.

Additional options. O-ring + metal ring
This is an option with a metal ring added to the basic configuration O-ring.

6 colors

Fiesta Wine / Pink / Red
Redish Brown / Moss Olive / Dark Cyan

[Information on personal engraving]

If you want to add an engraving, please read the information below.


1. Lee Jae Ho (Last name + First name)
2. Jae Ho Lee (First Name + Last Name)
3. Lee J.H. (Gender + Abbreviation)
4. J.H.Lee (Abbreviation + Last name)
5. L.J.H. (Abbreviation)

(It may be confusing, so please check)

If you do not select personal engraving, please indicate "do not add engraving" in the text field.

*This product is small in size and can only be engraved in Nos. 3, 4 and 5 out of No. 1 to No. 5 above. (No. 1 and 2 full names cannot be engraved)

The first letter is uppercase, the rest are lowercase, and the abbreviation is followed by a period.
The initial, middle, and final consonants are made with spaces (eg Lee J. H.)
Size and font cannot be changed.
Foreign names (Steve, etc.), symbols (♡, ☆, etc.), and English-numeric combinations (TJ 0221) are not allowed.
Enter the spelling to be engraved: Please write in additional information (order page) or in the delivery message.

If you enter something different from the above, delivery will be delayed.

Gothic engraving 1

Initial ♥ Initials - contains a heart symbol. It is possible only with initials abbreviations, and the spacing between letters may not be constant due to the nature of the Gothic font. Please note this.

Gothic engraving 2

Phone number - contains phone symbols. Character spacing may not be consistent due to the nature of the Gothic font. Please note this.

Because it is made-to-order, it takes some time until you receive the product after ordering. Please make sure to check the contents before placing an order.
Presser foot marks, small scratches and wrinkles and spots on Hevitz products are natural features of genuine leather. Please make your purchase decision carefully

Natural Leather Characteristics Guide


Presser foot marks and small scratches on vegetable leather goods are natural phenomena that occur during the manufacturing process, and cow wrinkles and spots are natural characteristics of natural vegetable leather.

In addition, in the case of Italian vegetable, it is measured and distributed with an automated system for the size of cattle to be distributed, so the number of square feet (bar code) is stamped.


Hevitz uses premium Italian genuine leather certified by Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetable, a traditional tenorie union in Tuscany, Italy.


Production Guide

-Because it is made-to-order, it may take some time until you receive the product after ordering.
-Each product has a different production period.


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