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NS LUX - Triple Lip Cure Tinted Lip Balm 5g

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Type: Lip Balm


* NS LUX - Triple Lip Cure Tinted Lip Balm 5g 

* Melting formula blended only with natural wax
Lip Cure Balm is a melting formula blended with vegetable wax + shea butter (which forms a moisture film) that forms a moisture barrier.

* Please lift only 1-2MM
Lip Cure Balm hardened with natural wax is a melting type, so do not raise it more than 1-2 mm.
# It is okay to close the lid in that state.

* Remove oil film before first use
Wipe off the outer oil film with a tissue for better color development.
It is a melting type, so please wipe it gently.

▶ When applied while wet (see photo)
If your lips are moist, it will not absorb well.
Remove moisture from your lips before use!

* 4 Hour patch test
No matter how natural it is, there may be ingredients that do not fit like peach allergies, so test the inside of your arm and under your ears for at least 4 to 8 hours!
* Lip Cure Balm that gets prettier the more you apply! Point!
Don't judge by the first color.
The more you apply, the more the dead skin cells are removed, and after an average of 3 days, both the feeling of application and the coloring power are all upgraded!

* The more you apply 10 times a day for 3 days, the healthier you get - Same color, different feeling!
- First day color development : darker color. It has nar pigment and keratin, so the color development and application are slow.
- Coloration after 3 days : As the lips become healthier, the coloration is much more even and better than at the beginning.
This is the real lip cure balm!
(No coloring/tattoo concept X)

* As the dead skin cells are softened and removed, the feeling of application and color development are all upgraded after an average of 3 days!

Due to the "stopper" of the mold that hardens the Lip Cure Balm, grooves like the picture may sometimes be formed.
The quality of the contents is the same as the normal product, so please use it with confidence!

# Disappears after 2-3 uses

* Moist : protects lips with lip balm effect
* All day : 24 hours safe natural pigment
* Dead skin care : The more you apply, the more dead skin calms down

* Worries about complexion, repeated keratin - goodbye now
It is safe to apply and sleep! The more you apply, the healthier your lips are!

 01. ATHENA (Red Orange)
Red mixed with a little orange, 1-2 times daily color + skin tone up effect.

02. HERA (Red Pink)
Subtle pink red, base daily color + all skin tones OK

03. MUSE (Rose Coral)
With bright pink color and light orange base, it can be layered with any color.

04. THEIA (Red Grapefruit)
A drop of fruit juice resembling the sunlight gives a tone-up effect as if a fluorescent lamp was turned on.

06. AURA (deep magenta pink)
If you have a cool tone, wear an aura! A deep magenta pink with a hint of purple.

* 3 years and 6 months of research and development - Lip Cure Balm that gets healthier the more you apply it

* We make products that patients with lip inflammation can apply.

* It may be similar, but the effect may not be the same.
- Tar color non-detection certification
- Safety lip balm non-irritation certification
- Caution Ingredients Paraben Free
- Non-detection of arsenic and lead heavy metals

* Proof of Skill!

* ONLY NATURAL - From colors to preservatives
A tint balm that can be relieved for sensitive lips that you want to apply but couldn't!

· Repeated dead skin troubles
· Discolored lips
· Troubled lips that cannot be applied with anything
· Sensitive lips giving up lip makeup Discolored lips

* Color developed 3 days later than the first color - the more you apply, the better the color

- MOISTURE : Ceramide + Betaine
Block moisture evaporation, deep moisturizing power

- Oil : Olive + Apricot kernel + Coconut
Advanced vegetable oil, sensitive lip care

- Protect : Shea Butter + Natural Wax
Moisture evaporation blocking, lip protection action

* Moist translucent formula
Tar pigments and wastes accumulated on the lips remove dead skin cells with moisturizing and lip balm effects, moisturizing and soothing to the lips
* Worried about color development because the color of the stick is dark?
- It doesn't come out like a stick color.
- 1-2 times, the color develops like a soft tint balm
- Rest for 5-10 seconds and reapply to make it thicker~

* Reliable pigment, tar pigment NO - Apply it 24 hours a day with confidence.
- Cleansing NO
- Moisturize for 24 hours
- The more you apply, the more dead skin cells calm down

* What ingredients are indicated?
It is an obligatory cosmetic law that requires consumers to label ingredients that cause carcinogens and skin diseases.
- 0 labeled ingredients
- 0 issue components
- 0 caution components

* How To Use 
1. Keep your lips dry as much as possible
- If your lips are moist, the lip cure balm will not be absorbed well.

2. Tissue off before first use!
When you first use it, an oil film is formed, so just wipe it off and the color will develop properly.

3. Take out half a turn and apply
Lip Cure Balm is a melting formula that melts well at body temperature!
Take out a little and use it.


NS LUX - Triple Lip Cure Tinted Lip Balm 5g

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